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May 13, 2016

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Twas a fun weekend a few weeks ago at the capital of wineries (in CA)…

 Whaddd up NAPA!!

Chillin’ with a view of green filled hills, vines on vines, and castle like wineries.

DCS_7499 DCS_7595

If you watch my snapchat you know that it was obviously a fun time.

Sooo, let’s cut to the chase…what the heck do you wear to a winery?!

First off, who isn’t in a maxi in Napa? YAWN.

*wears a maxi the next time in Napa*

LOL. I’m just saying there are so many cute things to wear to a wine tasting.

Hey, I put my outfit together last minute, but felt comfortable. Anddd that was good enough for me. (+ Good enough to share!)

Plus, after one tasting I can probably bet you won’t care what you’re wearing as long as the wine is good and you’re in good company.


DCS_7624But…you gotta get those pictures of you with your friends posing with the beautiful scenery, obvs. “Napa w my giiiiirls” #roseallday #winos #wheninnapa #oncloudwine on instagram. AMIRITE.

So let’s talk outfits!

I wasn’t lying when I said I was really obsessing over the skinny jeans that end above the ankle. Stretchy, cute, and ripped…YES PLEASE! These are from TopShop so if you read the blog you already know I love them!

Ok, this top is thee nicest material (and the compliments don’t stop). Silky smoooooth. I got this tank in Hayes Valley at Rand + Statler. I paired it with a purple laced bralette and yes those Steve Madden heels I won’t shut up about.

Talk about a good investment! Ha!

Check out Artesa Vineyards & Winery and Domaine Carneros next time you’re in Napa!

Oh, and if you need a friend to go with, I’m always down for wine and girl talk! (that was me being serious)

Catch you later,

– Alyssa


{ my girl Kimi & I doing what we do best, having a good ass time! }


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