Why YOU Need ‘JORD WoodWatches’ In Your (guys) Life!!

December 5, 2016

Jord_woodwatches Jord_Woodwatches

There’s this crazy thing happening right now people!

& it’s called the holidays. Madness everywhere, along with a lot of joy, excitement and lots of procrastinating, of course.

What’s the biggest frustration around this time of year? Figuring out what to get the guys this holiday season. I mean dad doesn’t want another “best dad” mug or slippers, and what do I get my boyfriend?!

Every year one of the presents I gift Ryan is a watch. They’re one of my favorite accessories on men! They’re sophisticated and stylish.

This year I’m collaborating with WoodWatches to bring you a unique wood work. WoodWatches have cool modern designs, stop watch functionality, and are great quality!

The watch pictured is the CONWAY series Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood model and has a beautifully crafted design with a smokey colored wood and a pop of baby blue. It’s also made of sapphire crystal glass and has luminescent hands, along with a deployment buckle with push buttons.

These watches are far from boring, I love the sleek silver on men, but I also LOVE something different. WoodWatches are timeless with their classic designs and modern detailing.

Spark up the wardrobe for the guys in your life!

& girlfriends don’t even worry, they make them for us too. ;)

Now for the best part, a very special offer for you guys: a $25 gift card!!

All you have to do is ENTER HERE! (just enter your email and pick your favorite watch! You will then be emailed a gift card!! Available on a first come, first serve basis so enter NOW!)

Talk about procrastinating I haven’t even gotten my tree yet!! FAIL.

I’m about to do some major holiday shopping damage…Crate&Barrel I’m coming for ya.

Happy Monday everyone!!

XO, Alyssa


Wooden Wristwatch

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