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Why Everyone Needs A Staycation — & At the Fairmont.

December 9, 2015

Staycations are amazing! Sometimes I wish they lasted forever. I’m like the biggest advocate for traveling to new places, but staycations can be just as fun. I think everyone should at least try it once!
You also get to see your city from a new perspective.

I’ve had plenty of staycations in San Diego, and this weekend I experienced my first in SF at The Fairmont.


Can we talk about how glorious this 5-star hotel is? Obama, good choice.

So, for one of my gifts from Ry for our 2-year anni was a staycation and he couldn’t have picked a better time to book it. I guess the hotel is known for their over the top decorations and tourists come, take pictures and visit the famous Gingerbread House (didn’t even know this was happening 4 blocks away from my house…). It seriously looked magical.

Now let me gush about the room. 15th floor. Bay view. Full bar. King bed. Robes. Bathroom I could live in. Marble table. Late check out – Thank you baaabe! The whole out by 12pm is so not ideal.

I already mentioned this hotel is very, very close to where I live. I’m actually in Nob Hill all the time because of my favorite (dog) park. Anyways, my point is that we experienced SF in a whole new way and tried out new places just footsteps away from us.

We had an amazing dinner at Laurel Court Restaurant & Bar in the hotel. Then headed over to Top of The Mark at the Mark Hopkins hotel just across the street. Mark, you smart man, converting your top floor penthouse into a bar with 360 degree breathtaking views. You have to try their signature martinis and it gets better…along with the views, martinis and delicious desserts, they have live music! This lady walked up to the microphone and OMG she had SOUL. I wanted to hear her sing forever. Once I finally agreed to leave, we went to the Tonga Room, a tiki bar, located in the Fairmont. It’s a place you just have to experience, it’s sooo fun!

We did all that in one night and walked just across the street and back. I love my little Nob Hill and now I love it even more!

You gottaaa get out and see a different part of your city, trust me, it’s so worth it. Hey, it might be just down the street! And a 5-star hotel is deff amazing, but deff not the only way to do a staycation; hit up Airbnb and find an affordable, comfy studio or 1 bedroom, relax and have fun!

I also really appreciated this stay because I was soo relaxed. It’s like I was in a whole new world. We spent the next morning ordering a ton of room service food for breakfast and you’ll never guess…watched National Geographic for hours. I’m not even kidding lol. Something we probably (or he probably) wouldn’t do, but we felt so relaxed that we COULD. It’s a vacation.

DCS_4388 DCS_4398

DCS_4409 IMG_0772

{ almost took this table home w/me }

IMG_0773 IMG_0783 IMG_0784IMG_0836{ us at Top of The Mark }


I almost forgot. Staycations are the ultimate mini vaca getaway for a girl because if you’re anything like me, you’ll pack EVERYTHING and forget 100 things. Staycations typically solve this problem :) Just run home real quick, I did!

x Alyssa

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