When It’s Cold, But Not That Cold

February 15, 2016

I have a big thing for jackets, cardigans and ponchos. Anything that keeps me nice and WARM.

I’m cold 24/7. My hands become frozen (seriously), in 70 degree weather, my hands turn so white they’re like almost transparent. so freaking weird, I know.

This week has been so beautiful here in SF, the sun is shining bright and city people are happy. Well it’s nice, but that SF wind…oh I can feel it, and I’m still cold!!

So I have to get creative with what to wear. I’m not going to wear a bubble jacket bc thats obvs doing too much, but I found the perfect happy medium. A long, longg cardigan, but sleeveless. So it’s not doing the most, you know?

Check it out: DCS_5823 DCS_5831 DCS_5834DCS_5847 DCS_5862DCS_5893Love the shades of cream going on here. My cardigan is from Nordstrom, my laced top is from Topshop, check it out here.

White pants are always fun if you wear them right. These are my fave.

I would have paired this outfit with super cute nude flats, but in this case I didn’t and let me share…I spent the past weekend walking ALL OVER the city in heels and veryyy uncomfotable booties (for a blogger shoot) and my feet were done. So done that I wore my Jack Purcell’s with EVERYTHING. lol

I didn’t even care. Sooo you wont see what’s pictured on my feet because to be honest it wasn’t flattering. Instead I’ll leave you with a cute pair of flats that I adore and NEED. (I loveee Chloe).

I’ve listed a ton of long cream (for the most part) cardigans below, totallyyy want this one!!

How was your Valentine’s Day loves?! I spent mine in the city enjoying every bit of time with Ry.

xx – Alyssa


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