Voyage to Positano – Amalfi Coast!

October 13, 2016

img_4485Alrighttt. Back in the states and missing Italy x’s 19430.

As you guys know Ry and I booked…I guess a spontaneous trip? Actually I don’t quite remember why exactly or how it came up, but anyways we did and it was all just for leisure.

A LOT of saving went into this trip because I wanted this one to be different than the rest. I wanted a bit of luxury this time around. We typically rent airbnb’s for our stays while we travel, but since our last experience was far from great, I wanted the cleanliness of a nice hotel. You know…bath robes, slippers, a clean room everyday, the service, rooftop bar, you know the important things. HA!

I’ve set up a fun guide to Positano and outfit details. It’s basically summer throughout May – October so I was in heaven the entire time. We did catch a thunderstorm, but it was breathtaking!

This place is damn gorgeous the pictures don’t even capture all the beauty!

Ryan made an awesome video of our trip below. Oh and excuse the title. It’s total clickbait, & totally not my idea! haha

dcs_3391-edit dcs_3418I should mention there are two types of people when it comes to traveling. There’s the GO, GO, GO as I’d like to put it. The ones who love to wake up Early, no time for breaks too much to see type of people. And then there are fun people, the ones who like to relax while on vacation.

Guess, which one I am ;)

Oh, and guess which one Ryan is? Hint, we’re opposites.

If you watch my snapchat I’m sure you heard my (jokingly) rant. I mean the guy went on runs at 6am everyday!

I must give Ry all the credit though, if it weren’t for him we’d still be at the airport. I (okay we) typically suggest where to go and he basically takes it from there. He enjoys it though…at least I think he does? HAHA!

We’re opposites, but yet we’re a perfect pair because we get stuff done while also having plenty of time to relax and take it all in.

Positano is the ultimate place for relaxation, since there’s not a lot of “touristy stuff”. This was actually the last destination of our trip. We started off in Venice, then Florence to Rome, and finally Positano. I’ll blog about guides to the other cities as well.

Check out the itinerary for Positano below!


1. Casa e Bottega ^^

2. Cassiopea Positano

3. Il Ritrovo

4. The Beach

5. Lemon Sorbet (+ fresh popsicles)

6. Exploring Positano

7. Rent a FIAT

1. Who else’s favorite meal is BRUNCH?

I mean DAMN just look at those fresh smoothies above. I was like a child when I got it I was so excited. The ambiance is a bloggers paradise. It’s all white with a coastal feel. FRESH.

You have to try out Casa e Bottega!! We went there 3 times in one day and I’m SURE they thought we were crazy, but when you eat pasta, pizza, and bread for 3 weeks straight your stomach is yearning from something different. However, now that I’m home I would eat that pasta for the rest of my life if I had the choice. The food is Amazing!! Try their yogurt bowls, quiche, & smoothies.

2. Voyage to Capri

When visiting the Amalfi coast it’s so hard to pick where to stay, especially if you’ve never been. We decided on Positano and I couldn’t have been happier. Capri was definitely an option, but staying on an island seemed somewhat limiting. So instead we took a boat ride there with Cassiopea Positano. They’ll take you on a beautiful boat, point out famous landmarks and drop you off at Capri for about 4 hours. Capri is very touristy and very expensive, so if you’re on a budget I wouldn’t suggest staying there, but definitely a place to visit!


Il Ritrovo, this is the only dinner restaurant I’ll recommend because nothing else compared. The service was phenomenal and the food was out of the ballpark. We ate sooo much: caprese salad, fresh bread, pasta with white sauce, sea bass, steak, tiramisu & a lot of wine! Il Ritrovo will not disappoint!


The beach is obviously gorgeous, but what you didn’t know is that if you don’t wear water shoes, you will be in a lot of pain. LOL The beaches are made of a bunch of rocks with no sand in sight. Rent an orange beach chair & umbrella, read a book and pray your flight home gets cancelled.


On warm days in Positano you’ll want a nice cold treat, as gelato is always a good idea, lemon sorbets are better ones (or their delicious popsicles as seen in photos below – try the lemon or strawberry flavor)!


There isn’t really a full on “guide” to Positano, like I said it’s a very relaxed place, it is what you make of it. With not a lot of famous destinations to go to, there is plenty to roam! The city is made up of thousands of steps that never end taking you higher and higher and the views just become more beautiful than the level below. Ps. I’d grab a heaven in a lemon before embarking on this journey…HA, it’s a workout! But worth it!


Well if you like Italian music that is, we did find a Katy Perry and Swedish House Mafia song. LOL The Amalfi Coast is huge, you’ll want to see as much as you can. Our Fiat for 24 hours was 100€ which is well worth the money! I’d suggest driving to Ravello, it’s a gorgeous town with so much to offer. Shops, restaurants, a beautiful garden with astonishing views (only 7€), AND CATS. To be honest, my kitten family was my favorite part. Omg and the people feed them pasta…true Italian pussycats.


{ My happy place, me with 2/14,000 kittens – Kitty compilation to come…srsly }


{ boat ride to Capri ^^ }


{ Capri alleys^^ }


{ smiling bc strawberry popsicle in hand! ^^ }


{ Il Ritrovo ^^ }


{ Ouch. ^^ }


{ Our Fiat, driving along the Amalfi Coast ^^ }


{ Ravello views ^^ & Ravello gardens (below) }

dsc02069 dsc02097heaven

{ Heaven in a Lemon ^^ }

img_4137 img_4153 img_4218 img_4265 img_4428 img_4474 img_4493



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