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December 21, 2015

IMG_4483 IMG_4492Hey heyyy everyone!

How are you all doing with Xmas coming up and all?! Where did the time go, right!

I shopped sporadically throughout late November and early December (I mean I didn’t finish but got the big things out of the way), so I was lucky enough to enjoy a stress-free vaca in Utah with Ry’s fam for the holidays.

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Pictured above are a few of snaps of where we stayed. Props to Ryan’s mom who booked a fantastic mansion stay! Gooood choice Laura!

I would have had to take hundreds of pictures just to get the full house…something like 8 bedrooms and 10 baths?! Idk, we didn’t even use all the rooms LOL

The kitchen was beautiful! The whole house felt so homey and comfortable, it was just perfect.

We stayed in St. George, Utah–it being my first time I was so excited. Small town, small shops, canyons, the desert (besides San Diego “desert”), it was all new and it felt soo nice to get away from the chaotic city just to relax and spend time with family.

This trip was extra special as well because Ry’s aunt was visiting all the way from South Africa!


3 words. SAND DUNES BABY. One of my favorite things about this trip!

The desert is actually a really fun place (never thought I would say that haha). My sister is actually obsessed and travels to different “dry lands” very frequently–now I can see why!

When looking at the pictures it may seem that we’re not that high…but trust me we are. lol The part I liked best is that it’s fairly easy and thats coming from someone who is terrified of heights.

I’m used to very moist hikes like in Santa Cruz where everything is dense and it’s easy to trip or get mud all over your shoes. Not here! I wore my white Jack Purcell’s (because I forgot my Nike’s) and was scared I would get red sand on them but nope, nothing!

If you’re ever in Utah, I definitely recommend taking time to explore the dunes and even pack a lunch to eat when you get to the top. There was hardly anyone at the same hike destination we chose and it was so quiet and peaceful.

Ps. Another recommendation would be a “Mystery Escape Room“. Check out their webpage for a full rundown…bottom line they are FUN!! One of the biggest highlights/laughs of the trip! (I still don’t get the triangles…)LOL



Brandy Melville seems to be my winter wear choice for this upcoming season.

I first found out about Brandy from my friend Lauren in San Diego and she swore I was crazy because I never heard of it lol It’s definitely more of a SoCal thing. But once I started shopping at Brandy I fell in love.

They don’t have a BM store in SF but they do sell the clothing at Nordstrom at the mall. All of the their clothing is extremely comfortable and feels very light. Winter clothing thats light and comfortable…I’ll take it!

Oh, and very affordable!

I’ll link below some of my favorites that I packed on this trip!



Missing the van fam already!

Till next time Utah!

Now back to SF to finish shopping…then CHRISTMAS!!!

xx Alyssa


Brandy Melville Clothing Faves:

Dark Gray Long Sleeve | Light Gray Sweater – Robin Hoodie | Veena Red Sweater | Ollie Sweater


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