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Twin Peaks — City Views x Chic/Casual Maxi

August 1, 2015

Adventure Day

Outfit Deets 

DCS_1574newwwwYes, this is just another maxi post.


Introducing my favorite long flowy dress of all time and the true definition of an #oldiebutgoodie.

HOLY GRAIL, someone is selling it on Tradesy for $14.50!! I swear I always find the best deals after I buy things. *rolls eyes* I mean I did buy this maxi about 3 years ago, at Nordstrom, so I guess the price cut is justified. LOL

There’s so much detail to the dress — the slit on both sides, the shortened slip under the dress, the back knot, the fabric. You can literally wear it anywhere (take a look: I’ve worn it casually to the beach, and dressed up with a small black belt accessory!) My only accessory this day was my dark lip color! Very bold and I didn’t want to overdo it with heavy jewelry.

I’m a lover for so many different styled dresses, but when a designer or brand adds a nice touch to the back, more chances than none I’m sold! Check out the soft back:

DCS_1606DCS_1607DCS_1600You cannot go wrong with a maxi that has so many subtle yet distinct details. To tone it down a bit I added white chucks (a good pair of converse…forever in style).DCS_1594 DCS_1582


Twin Peaks (a destination and not a a hike…read about my confusion below)

DCS_1581I cannot believe how long I have lived in the Bay Area before I moved to San Diego for college and had never been to Twin Peaks.

So, funny story…I thought Twin Peaks was this massive hike and was totally ready to go with my workout gear on. It wasn’t until my friend questioned my outfit that I realized it was just a destination and not a journey. I guess people can hike up the circular road next to the cars or (for better or worse) even bike UP. I thought it was this legit dirt hike that was miles long and city views the whole way — no idea where I got that from (and to my surprise there were views…through the car we rented and that was sufficient, I suppose).

I have a thing for good hikes, I love them. Hiking in Santa Cruz was always fun growing up, so now I’m on the hunt for hikes in SF, but I know I’ll probably have to travel a bit out of the city and past the GG Bridge to hit some nice greenery mountains!

Anyways, Twin Peaks was still very much a fun and exciting destination to see! The views are magnificent, legit 360 views. I recommend bringing binoculars if you’re touring around, it would be fun to zoom into different districts. Or if you have spare change, built in ones are located at the top (but I’m a germaphobe and who knows how often or if they even clean them?! Notice my light hands holding it in the direction I want).


And you can’t get much closer or a better view of Sutro Tower than from this peak!DCS_1593DCS_1596

In this case, it’s all about the destination and not the journey ;)

Bring a camera!

– Alyssa


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