Sweater Dresses Make The Chicest Winter Outfits

January 10, 2017


As promised a sweater dress post would be up! This one was supposed to go up last week, but with the interference and nightmare of a day with WOW Air, everything was put on the back burner so I could focus on getting to Iceland. If you don’t know what I’m talking about take a read into my wild ride of a day at the airport!

Winter has finally come into full effect here in San Francisco and I’ve been living in sweater dresses. Before I left for Iceland for New Years, the weather was still tolerable, actually really ideal (the photos were taken right before – ahh, warm). Anddd once I got back home, a full blown storm of wind and rain were pounding against my windows.

Sweater dresses are my ultimate fave. You literally can’t go wrong with them, they’re very Lydia E Millen style, right? Even though the weather has been quite wet, don’t fret sweater dresses can still be rocked. It’s winter, you can wear absolutely anything, what matters is the jacket that’s going to shield you from the rain. ;)

These dresses elongate your legs when paired with OTK boots. Just the right amount of leg shows which makes them appear thinner. Who doesn’t want longer, skinnier legs?

Add some tights if it’s extra cold out, looks very winter-y too.

Oh and a tip to keep your OTK boots actually over the knee (after wearing them a few times, mine decided to kind of stretch) add a pair of knee high socks. You can wear ones that end below the boot so they won’t be shown, or if you’d like to give your outfit an extra detail, lift the socks so they show just above the boot. I usually do this now instead of wearing my regular bootie socks, but happened to forget this time! The long socks will give extra cushion to keep your boots nice and lifted.

I would also add a belt around the waist to give it some structure. I’ve been eyeing this Gucci belt in black and pink, but I can’t find them anywhere in SF!


dcs_4918 dcs_4915There are sweater dresses for absolutely everyone! From chunky knits, to a tighter more fitting style, to a simple cotton dress with cutouts on the shoulders (I got mine from AllSaints) they have styles for all body types…and that I love!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is starting the new year on the right foot!


– Alyssa


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