April 25, 2016

DCS_7103DCS_7161DCS_7126DCS_7146Hey Guys!

I’ve been insane busy at work, and also trying to map out a total revamp for my blog. A lot is in the works, so bare with me as blog posts seem sporadic…this is total temp!

Wow, can we talk about this SF weather or California weather in general? A sudden spike in heat; locals ran to parks nearby for a nice summer picnic and tan. I had a nice trip to Napa with good friends to go wine tasting.

The pictures featured in this blog post were from Potrero Hill in San Francisco (aren’t the views just breathtaking?!). If you’re ever in the area you have to eat at a delicious brunch spot called “Plow” and order “The Plow”. Soooo good!

So question…how do you sport street style in Spring when everyone is in shorts and crop tops?

Here’s how I managed to rock a darker look in warmer weather:

A pair of high top black sneakers are always a win for sporty street, with that being said I’m obsessed with my new pair. I saw a pair that I really liked at Rebecca Minkoff, but they were about $400 and I didn’t feel like spending that much on a pair of sneakers, so I sought out to find a good pair at a reasonable price.

And guess what, my boy Steve never fails.

Steve Madden, Duh.

The high tops that I’m wearing are called the Decaf Sneaker  and are insane comfortable. Not to mention, come in all white too! They aren’t the wedge kind; not really a fan of those. They’re also $90 which is a HUGE bonus and saved me hundreds of dollars. LOL

My biker jeans are from AllSaints and even though they’re a thick material, they’re still very comfortable. I went with a gray wash instead of black because I thought it gave my outfit a bit of contrast instead of the usual all black look. Speaking of contrast, I love the stitching on these guys!

Ambiance came in for the awe moment to piece my entire outfit together. I’m a lover of turtle necks and this top was made for people who usually feel claustrophobic in them; it’s light, sleeveless, and shows some skin in the middle cutout design. I tucked it in for a tighter, put together look.

Add some black sunglasses, whichever shape you like best – I picked some of my favorites in the widget below.

And voilà, it was that easy to piece together a street style outfit for Spring. We’ll have to get more creative for summer, but I’m on it! ;)

What do you guys think? What are you sporting this Spring season?!

Forever Missing Napa,


Oh, PS. I dyed my hair (obviously!), look out for a blog post on Going Blonde! Because it was a major change I need to talk about (in a good way, but some major pro tips I wish I knew before).

Bye for now! 




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