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October 17, 2016


How is it Monday already? Actually how is it mid October?

Whatever, I’m just waiting for December to roll around. BEST MONTH EVER; it’s really the prettiest time of the year in San Francisco. I mean it’s also my birthday and a whole lot of other fun. ;)

When I think back and remember how I made use of my time, I’ve recently realized that I could definitely…hmm how do I put this, I guess make better use of my extra time!

It’s just so hard when TV shows like “Stranger Things”, “The Night Of”, and “The Affair” are sooo good! I need to focus on less binging (damn you Netflix).

One my old favorite past times was reading.

& well, I’m trying to get back into it!

I have always loved a good murder mystery, love story, romantic stuff, but this time around I’ve really been interested in biographies. Not to say I won’t go back to my fictional novels haha I just feel extra motivated reading how people have become successful, while being totally REAL about their failures.img_5206So, I’ve decided to bring my reads to the blog. Now…not all the books I read will be recommendations, but simply reviews! Because hey, you never know if a book is going to be a good one until you read it.

I’ll also try not to add any spoilers & if I do, I’ll state it at the beginning of the post.

First book (which definitely happens to be a recommendation)…”#Girlboss“!!!

I’ve been a fan of Sophia Amoruso, the author of “#Girlboss” for a long time. Some of you may know her as the eBay vintage seller turned millionaire, maybe shop her clothes and accessories on Nasty Gal, and if you don’t know her as an author…you need to!

Hopefully you won’t be dissuaded by the cover, it does seem a bit idk young if you know what I’m saying. In a recent meet and greet I went to, she even mentioned that she didn’t really like the cover & that it was solely created by a design team (she wasn’t able to have much say on the cover part since it was printed by Penguin). It’s filled with great insight on someone who was confused on what to do in life, living on her own, and what seemed like more failures than successes in her early life.

Sophia definitely doesn’t sugarcoat anything, she’s a BADASS and tells it like it is. If you’re a recent graduate or just stuck in general with what to do with your life, this book won’t point you in any certain direction, but definitely motivate you to get out there, find your talent and roll with it!

This isn’t one of your 10 ways to make it in life type of cheesy books, it’s full of wit & lot of serious #girlboss realness.

Even if you’re already on the road to success, everyone can always use a little extra inspiration!

It’s definitely a page turner, and can be read in about 3 days. (1 if you have nothing else to do, ha!)

Some pictures, but all black & white.

Highly recommend!! You can get the #Girlboss book here!

img_5212Sophia’s first book #Girlboss was actually published in 2014. I did read it about a year ago, but had to blog about it because it’s just too good. And also because I want to talk about her newest book, Nasty Galaxy, which was totally different.

If I’m going to be honest, like honest…honest…

I’d say it makes a better coffee table book (which I am NOT complaining about LOL) than a good inspirational read. Since she was publishing her second book on her own terms under her own sources, she had so much more creative say. Nasty Galaxy is full of colorful pictures, music and musicians that inspired her, quotes, and interviews of people she finds inspiring.

I still really like the book because it’s very visual, something you do not get with #Girlboss, and you learn about different rad people in history (or like recent history).

But if you were to look at this book with the perspective of just a coffee table book, then it’s filled with way more cool shit than typical books you don’t touch that sit in your house just for aesthetic.

If you wanted to choose one of Amoruso’s books, I’d say order #Girlboss in a heartbeat. And check out your local bookstore for Nasty Galaxy and see if you find it interesting enough to buy.

Makes great office decor that’s for sure!

Below are some snippets from Nasty Galaxy:

img_5209img_5211img_5216If you’ve read either of these books, let me know what you think! Did you love, were you expecting more?

Also, you don’t have to be a fan of her clothing line to be a fan of her books. I personally don’t really shop at Nasty Gal and if I do, it’s far from vintage.

Currently reading: “The Woman I wanted to be, Diane von Furstenberg”

Forever waiting for season 2 of Stranger Things.

Chat soon! X

– Alyssa

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