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February 21, 2016


Can I first begin about how obsessed I am with Sophia Amaruso’s girlboss radio podcast. Forget Kanye West’s new album (jk), it’s all about hearing real girlboss stories and the random funny moments w Liz. I’ve listened to all of them starting from actress Charlize Theron to the most recent, artist Petra Cortright in 2 days at work. Will do a top 10 list (or so) of Podcasts you need to listen to!

Besides the podcast I’m also obsessed with this red chiffon high-neck tank.

Yes, I’m blogging yet again about a high neck outfit. Read about other outfits here and here.

You know how some people find their favorite style in a piece of clothing they obsess over? Well mine is a high neck, which everybody knows; I look for high necks first in tees, rompers and dresses (see a bunch linked below – all price ranges!). What’s new.

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So I picked up this baby from Ambiance SF, which I raved about in this post, when talking about blogging events + what I wore.

Adore this boutique, there’s seriously something for everyone.

To be honest, I was a bit scared my shirt would be too see-through. And what do you wear if that happens? A bandeau? Ew no.

Don’t be that girl who wears a bandeau under something too tight or something so thin that you can see the outline. God that’s social suicide.

Luckily, I didn’t even have to go through that whole process because (I do not know how) it wasn’t see-through or too thin. Crazy because it’s soo light.  It was perfect for my fake nips.

Fake nips. That’s what I call these jelly sticky favorites of mine. They’re a actually called Silicone Gel Breast Petals, and are “Adhesive silicone petals [that] create a smooth look, with or without a bra, and can be washed and re-used.”

Perks about having small ones? Covering the nips without wearing a bra. TMI? Nope. This is crucial guys. Well, ladies with a size A or B cup…C idk, I should talk to one of my friends.

I’ll get back to you on that one.

So back to the fake nips. Step up from bandaids my friends. These things are not only life-savers, they make clothing look chic without bra straps sticking out everywhere.

OMG and never buy those stupid “CLEAR” bra straps. LOL

Clearly not clear. Go with the fake nips and all your worries will be out the window.


I paired my top with really really comfortable black Paige Denim pants and Rebecca Minkoff booties.

Easy to walk all around town while simultaneously looking cute.

Sidenote, if you’re ever in SF you have to try Fondue Cowboy, the greatest restaurant recommendation ever from my friend Kimi.

Ry and I recently went and died over their fondue. Sooo good!


So, to recap…stop by Ambiance SF, get the “fake nips”, and check out the amazing fondue place!

Weirdest combo ever? I swear it all goes.

– Alyssa


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