Sleek Jumper

September 11, 2015

DCS_2461DCS_2397DCS_2395Ahh, Labor day…a fun filled day of good food, warm lattes from Peet’s, CB2 shopping, and work.

Wait what? Work? Yupp, lots of it. The irony!

Working at a rapidly growing tech company is no joke. I’m learning (very quickly may I add) that the tech world is a 24/7 thing! I work over 40 hours, try to maintain my blog as much as possible, and obvs make time for Ry and friends, and make sure to fit in some me time!

Enough of work, let’s talk yummy food and good outfits!

One word.


Thee best breakfast spot in SF, it’s worth the wait. And by wait I mean at least one hour if you go when it opens. It’s a hole in the wall nook that has an absolutely adorable backyard patio. It’s worth it to wait even longer for outside seating, I promise. Beautiful vines and green green leaves. You can catch a glimpse of what the bigger picture looks like in my first picture with my Mimosa! :)

Speaking of mimosas, they have an awesome menu just for them! All types of different juices mixed with champagne, heart eyessss. I had orange and Ry had mango! Yummy!

Oh, and prepare to be in a major food coma. But not the I’m so full I can’t move type, the good kind…if that makes sense. Full and satisfied!

Check out their Yelp page with over 3,000 reviews!


I’m a little obsessed with my new jumpsuit. It’s like the definition of effortless. Literally just one piece of clothing!

The wide pant leg is my favorite! No…the neck line. Actually, the fact that it’s super light and it happened to be veryyy sunny out on Labor Day. OK, I’ll stop.

(it’s the pockets!).

This look is definitely a good choice for brunch, drinks, or some type of event like a gf’s birthday, and…shopping! It’s easy to slip into something else you’d like to try on without having to strip 100 layers!

I paired my jumpsuit with a basic black heel, a tiny wrap bracelet, and one mid ring.  Nothing more since the jumper speaks for itself! Look at the lace along the waist!

Check out my favorite picks below!

  • You know I LOVE anything ASTR! The drapey neckline is super chic + rollable button sleeves so you’re not constantly pushing up your sleeves, I’ll take it!
  • I’m a sucker for high-neck lines. This one is very similar to mine.
  • And finally, this back is killer and under $30? Thank you F21.

DCS_2500 DCS_2511DCS_2526DCS_2512 DCS_2533DCS_2553DCS_2539DCS_2558 DCS_2560 DCS_2563 DCS_2565 DCS_2574


How was your Labor Day weekend?


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