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PS. I Love You: New York

October 16, 2015


Prepare for a long post. I have a lot to say about this lovely city and trip, plus outfit pictures to share! ;)

Can I just start by saying I EFFING LOVE NEW YORK. (buuut maybe NOT in the winter) LOL.

*Flashbacks of me practically catching pneumonia*

I was used to San Diego weather and in San Diego there is no such thing as winter.

Ry and I spent a week in NY and didn’t really do anything touristy since we did that on our last trip and it stillll wasn’t enough time.

Actually, I lie. We did go to “Top of The Rock”, which…why did we not do that last time?? BEST VIEWS.

Oh, and One World Trade Center, which was just breathtaking and very monumental.

We stayed in the Meatpacking District/Chelsea, which may sound humorous and a bit odd, but it’s a pretty trendy area + sooo many restaurants and bars. I’m not even kidding, and I don’t mean on every corner I mean like there is nothing else but restaurants and bars. I was in love.

Now for some destination recommendations you just absolutely have to see/try:

1. If you’re ever in New York, you have to visit the Chelsea Market! It’s basically a long tunnel with cafe’s, bakeries, restaurants, wine bars, boutiques, flower shops, and so much more! Think Ferry Building but 10 x’s bigger.

2. The Meatball Shop – uh huh. You heard right, this place is bangin’. You basically make your own plate (type of meat, sauce, sides, etc. Think, The Counter in Santana Row for all my San Jose peeps) and idk what the chef’s are adding but it’s basically heaven on earth.

3. Ever been to an Australian Style cafe? Didn’t think so – me either, but you know NYC has all to offer. You have to go to Bluestone Lane in The Upper East Side. And for no other reason than their Chai Tea. They serve you a cup within a cup with some honey on the bottom, a sifter sitting on top and a side of milk in cute little pot with the tea leaves. I know. Coolest thing ever – I got to make my own Chai tea and it was so overwhelmingly great.

4. Another reason I want to move to New York is because of all the juiceries on every single corner. Like, LivingGreens is really close to me in SF but can you be open 24 hours?? We religiously went to Juice Press every morning for a great kick start to our day. If Karlie Kloss loves it, I love it too.

5. Central Park – DUH. But not just the old fashioned going to, snapping a pic, and sleeping on the grass (as we did) but riding bikes. OMG prepare for a workout this park is huge. It was fun, but I’ll forewarn you I gained about 10lbs of muscle.

6. Brooklyn Promenade. And only because I don’t think people really know of this area beside New Yorkers because there was like no one there! I know I’ll mention “THE VIEWS” 500 billion times in this post, but seriously. This place has the best skyline view. Absolutely stunning. Heart eyesss.

7. And of course, One World Trade Center, but you already knew that.



Alright, now let’s talk style.

Quick side note – you know how everyone in LA wants to be an actor? Well everyone in New York wants to be a designer and I just love it. I could people watch all day (from Bluestone Lane Cafe) and take in all the fashion senses. I was even on the subway and this gentleman approached me stating, “I really like your style, here’s my card, please check out my line and let me know what you think!” Umm yes!

DCS_2797 DCS_2806 DCS_2883 DCS_2888 DCS_2895

So on this day I decided to pair all black with the biggest, baddest, and best thing to keep me warm and stylish.

THIS PONCHO by Trouvé.

So many compliments and such an easy effortless look.

My long sleeve is from Brandy Melville and is soo comfortable.

My leggings are from Nordstrom, which I always crave about. Be careful, you’ll end up living in them.

OK. My shoes. I’m kinda obsessed with these booties, ok I’m very obsessed with them. I had to get myself a second pair because my old ones just weren’t cutting it anymore. Trust me, these are some long-lasting shoes! I took them to Europe like 3 times, New York 2 times, and everywhere in between me living in San Jose, San Diego and San Francisco! Biggest recommendation ever!! (insert 1 million exclamation points). GET THEM HERE.

Overall this look was one of my favorites because it’s very trendy, but most importantly extremely comfortable, and essentially appropriate for anywhere in NYC!

(the poncho can also be worn wrapped – kinda like a burrito, and have no fear that NY wind aint got nothin on you!)

DCS_2901 DCS_2986 DCS_3014

Anddd for some not so surprisingly all black attire! My fave. This look was definitely influenced by the jacket I bought from Nordstrom.

It definitely caught my eye right away. So edgy, I’m talking T. Swift Bad Blood edgy.

I love everything about this jacket by BlankNYC: the cotton and wool + faux leather dimension, the hoooood, and I really love the length too!

I paired it with black jeans from TopShop and some new booties I just bought.

Now with the booties, they’re cool and I like them because the back of the shoe has a cool diamond dimension + a zipper (anything zipper = automatic edgy…I like edgy), but I’m not crazy about them…yet. Something tells me they’ll be sitting in my closet behind the ones I mentioned above. :P

The black shirt I bought when I was in Paris. I was lucky that all the blacks matched, I mean total social suicide when you have dark black and a medium black, am I right?


Lastly, I layered some necklaces from H&M to give the outfit more of a pop.

Definitely edgy, not my everyday look, but fun!

DCS_3038 DCS_3040 DCS_3102 DCS_3105 DCS_3111 DCS_3245 DCS_3335 DCS_3427

Always staying connected!

I looked up and my photographer, AKA Ryan, was suddenly not around and taking pictures haha

The sun decided to shine and Bryant Park was sooo beautiful!! Too bad Ry just bought extremely warm gloves from Urban Outfitters just minutes before the sun decided to come out because I was complaining it was too cold. whooops :)

Lovely day and casual look.

Blouse – TopShop.

Bralette – H&M

Jeans – H&M

Loafers – Steve Madden

Stone Necklace – H&M

Thin Half Bracelet – Nordstrom

DCS_3447 DCS_3478 DCS_3494 DCS_3582 DCS_3608 DCS_3619 DCS_3624 DCS_3628 DCS_3636

There’s just something about rooftops and being able to see an entire city. Just breathtaking.

I was feeling girly and rocked this high neckline gorgeous blush tank by Lucca with black jeans, a dainty necklace, and sunglasses (that were almost an everyday accessory) from Madewell.

DCS_3639 DCS_3663 DCS_3710 DCS_3718 DCS_3730 DCS_3731 DCS_3733

Daaaayyymn Brooklyn, your stoops are basically grand entrances [just awaiting a blogger to come sit on your lady lumps and use you as an elegant backdrop].

By this day, my prayers for sun were taken a little too far and it was HOT.

This muscle tee was perfect.

I loved the way it was cut and had to have it, it almost looked like I could cut one of Ry’s shirts and get the same look, but I thought maybe he wouldn’t be too happy with that.

My dark navy blue jeggings are from H&M and so cheap, I think they were like 20 bucks? Best deal ever.

Buuuut if you could takeaway one detail from this outfit, it’d be the shoes. By far.

These don’t look like your everyday Converse, but they are – just designed by Jack Purcell. Oh, and you know how breaking in original Converse is a super big pain in the you know what, with these there is no such thing as uncomfortable.

I even bought Ry a pair because they were that good. and yes we are THAT couple – when something is this good, everyone needs to try it!

DCS_3744DCS_3750 DCS_3769

^The view from the Promenade I recommended earlier!^


^Same shoes, told ya. We’re cute^

DCS_3834 DCS_3844 DCS_3851 DCS_3872DCS_3944

Oh, and like I said earlier, idk what New Yorkers are mixing in their dishes and LEMONADE, but Lizzmonade was thee best lemonade I have ever tasted. We got the Peach lemonade and when she said it was made fresh, she wasn’t lying. VERY Refreshing. This cute pop-up is located right in front of the Brooklyn Skyline View.


^Me: WTF is in this stuff? (the entire trip)^




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