Party In The Front, Business In The Back!

June 3, 2016

DCS_7708DCS_7781Wait WTF is a skort?

For those who know, you’re with me. Best thing to ever happen to us girls, right?

For those who don’t a skort is basically a skirt + shorts put together. On the front it seems like a cute mini skirt…BUT.

The back looks like a typical pair of shorts. If you were to unbutton the skort from the top right button it would look like a basic pair of shorts under the flap.

You can ride a bike in these babes (as I did in Miami with Jeffrey Campbells — way easier than it looks), sit with your legs comfortably crossed, & go out at dancing in them without constantly pulling down that stretchy club dress you bought at H&M.

Party in the front, business in the back. Ya get me?

DCS_7715 DCS_7723Since I wore this skort in Miami during new years, I wanted to dress it down a bit and be able to rock it to work.

I decided to keep things pretty neutral. I’m a total fan of dark royal blue, so that was my choice of color. For all my olive toned skin girls out there royal blues were made for us! My top is from TopShop and a comfortable 3/4 sleeve. Similar here.

I’ve learned to get creative with the clothing I have and style them in many different ways. If you’re worried about a little tummy showing I would suggest a bodysuit instead!

I’m in a bodysuit funk atm! My faves are the lace ups: a back lace up, mini front lace up (I have this one in black), and the deep V lace up in the front.

Now shoes. Typically skirts or skorts go well with a pointed toe heel, but these AllSaints booties were my go to. Usually I have a love/hate relationship with booties that go over the ankle because if you’re under 5’5 they make you look short! But once I saw these I knew they were for me; they matched the color scheme and the zipper on them added just the right amount of dimension. Not to mention the cool ass western styled buckle on the side!

These fringe booties are sexy cool with an open toe that would go well with this outfit too.

Anddd you can’t complete an outfit without a good pair of sunnies:

Mine are so 70’s right? I’ve always been obsessed with circular sunglasses and it’s a trend you’ll probably see on me throughout the whole summer! Round sunglasses are soooo rad.

DCS_7764I hope you found some outfit inspiration today & guess what…

Everything I’ve listed today is under $50!!

Shop away ladies and feel free to leave me a comment on this blog post or instagram about future posts you’d like to see.

PS. skorts are seriously my favorite when going out. They’re fun and easy to wear to work or brunch with friends, but are a life saver when going out and not having to deal with pulling your dress/skirt down. Check out this pic from my instagram…can’t even tell it’s a skort! ;)

Remember party in the front, business in the back. always.

– Alyssa

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