How to Style 1 Plain Tank 2 Ways

December 20, 2016

Hey hey guys!

Idk if it’s just me or what but this holiday season is tiring me out! In the best way possible.

December is my absolute favorite month. I just don’t remember so many holiday parties (such an “adulting” thing right?), so much shopping craziness happening at the mall (hello Amazon prime!), or going out with girlfriends so much in a month!

I actually wouldn’t have it any other way though. Everyone is out and about and in a good mood. I love the rush, I love the energy (which I am starting to run out of LOL), the holiday spirit…and food.

With all the holiday madness happening right now, I’m reallyyyy counting on my accessories and major staple items to complete my outfits. I just don’t have time to go through my closet trying on this and that. It’s so much easier to throw on a leather jacket or the comfiest cardigan instead!

Let’s talk about how EASY it is to dress up or dress down your favorite simple tank hiding in your closet.

dcs_51091st look: DRESSING UP a tank and jeans

Everyone knows that shoes are clearly a huge fashion statement. It’s soo easy to complete an outfit with shoes alone.

The best part about booties is that they go with everything and there are a ton of styles to choose from.

I have my plain booties that are extra casual, my cutout heeled booties by Jeffrey Campbell that are edgy in their own unique way, & booties with buckles! Heart eyes. Buckled booties are my favorite, they’re just so badass.

To add to this outfit I threw on my leather jacket from Zara and Sole Society hat from Nordstrom. Easy right? 3 major add ons to a tank and you’ve got one cool put together look.

I’ll link a range of affordable to high end leather jackets below!

dcs_5131dcs_5151dcs_5310dcs_5320dcs_53782nd look: DRESSING DOWN a tank and jeans

Again, it’s all about the shoes. I added a bit of pop to this outfit by pairing my COMFY white long cardigan from H&M with my studded TopShop loafers. (ASOS pointed loafers only $28! HERE & in white HERE).

The rest is just a simple tank and black pants. I mean literally anyone can achieve the relaxed look while still looking amazing. So winter chic. Inexpensive and cute? Yes plz.

Add some beach waves and you’re a babe who “woke up like this”. Literally, this look is so effortless.

Dressing “down” doesn’t have to be boring. I just wrote a blog post last week about how “Casual Doesn’t Have To Be Boring” and that’s totally my motto for my more relaxed days. I never want to actually feel dressed down when I dress down, you know?

Comfy casual? Check.

Still look good? Check Check!


Find that cute tank you love or plain basic tee, add a warm jacket or cardigan, some accessories like a thick long scarf, big bold black sunglasses, or a simple gold bracelet (shoes count!), & you’re golden. I like to think of accessories as everything other than jewelry sometimes. Love a cute choker or  dainty necklaces and simple bracelets, but I try not to overdo it with the jewelry.

No time can be wasted this time of year staring into a closet full of clothes, complaining there’s nothing to wear ;)

Every girl ever, right?

 Happy holidays!

– Alyssa




Casual Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

December 8, 2016

dcs_4724It really doesn’t have to be. And it should’t be hard either.

Staple items are my absolute favorite.

Loose tee’s, pants & leggings.

Let’s be real, this winter isn’t like a normal winter at all (for me at least). Just recently, like this week, it started raining in SF and everyone was bummed because we were so lucky for so long.

With that being said, even easier for a casual look.

My trench isn’t even a full long sleeve and it’s perfect for this season, ha!

Typically I wouldn’t wear a regular tee with leggings, but this AllSaints one was super loose and long; it covered necessary areas.

The ideal white tee is sometimes hard to come across because they’re either too see-through or don’t fit absolutely perfect.

I have a white one from AllSaints, but it’s so transparent I might just have to save it for summer (lol). This gray tee fulfilled the job of comfortability, length, and casualness. I paired it with my favorite leggings on the planet from Nordstrom. They’re thick enough for my liking, but don’t feel heavy, and affordable!

My trench is from AllSaints (kinda having an AllSaints moment over here, but when am I not, they have the BEST stuff!). I fell in love with the sleeves ending at quarter length. It’s different. There’s also cuff links at the end, these small details suck me in and I’m sold so easily! See similar here.

I wore this outfit to go to happy hour with a girlfriend and wanted to be extra laid back so I wore flats.

Like the most casual while still looking presentable.

dcs_4576dcs_4715 dcs_4694My flats are from Shoes of Prey. I love them, but damn…white pointed flats are soo hard to keep clean. Since they’re pointed at the top it rubs into everything and scratches them! Ugh, don’t even get me started on stairs or cobble stone streets. I die a little inside.

Other than my maniac obsession with trying to keep my white shoes from getting damaged, they’re simply so cute and probably my favorite pair of flats.

From the wood heel to the wrap around the ankle to the pointed toe, they’re an all around chic pair of flats that can be worn multiple ways. Pair them with a casual look like I did or with ripped boyfriend jeans rolled up at the bottom and a striped top.

dcs_4624dcs_4533 dcs_4503  Staple item must haves:

White tee (Net-A-Porter)

Gray tee (Net-A-Porter)

Leggings (Zella, Nordstrom)

Black pants (Citizens of Humanity)

Skinny Jeans (rag & bone)

Boyfriend jeans (Urban Outfitters)

Leather jacket (Blanknyc)

Flats (Shoes Of Prey)

Sneakers (Converse)

Black sunglasses (Miu Miu)

dcs_4460Happy holidays everyone!

Let the holiday parties begin, off to my first one tonight!


XO, Alyssa



Why YOU Need ‘JORD WoodWatches’ In Your (guys) Life!!

December 5, 2016

Jord_woodwatches Jord_Woodwatches

There’s this crazy thing happening right now people!

& it’s called the holidays. Madness everywhere, along with a lot of joy, excitement and lots of procrastinating, of course.

What’s the biggest frustration around this time of year? Figuring out what to get the guys this holiday season. I mean dad doesn’t want another “best dad” mug or slippers, and what do I get my boyfriend?!

Every year one of the presents I gift Ryan is a watch. They’re one of my favorite accessories on men! They’re sophisticated and stylish.

This year I’m collaborating with WoodWatches to bring you a unique wood work. WoodWatches have cool modern designs, stop watch functionality, and are great quality!

The watch pictured is the CONWAY series Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood model and has a beautifully crafted design with a smokey colored wood and a pop of baby blue. It’s also made of sapphire crystal glass and has luminescent hands, along with a deployment buckle with push buttons.

These watches are far from boring, I love the sleek silver on men, but I also LOVE something different. WoodWatches are timeless with their classic designs and modern detailing.

Spark up the wardrobe for the guys in your life!

& girlfriends don’t even worry, they make them for us too. ;)

Now for the best part, a very special offer for you guys: a $25 gift card!!

All you have to do is ENTER HERE! (just enter your email and pick your favorite watch! You will then be emailed a gift card!! Available on a first come, first serve basis so enter NOW!)

Talk about procrastinating I haven’t even gotten my tree yet!! FAIL.

I’m about to do some major holiday shopping damage…Crate&Barrel I’m coming for ya.

Happy Monday everyone!!

XO, Alyssa


Wooden Wristwatch