May 26, 2016


My favorite blast from the past. Kinda.

If only they were all this fitting and cute!

I remember overalls being baggy…and remember when some people (cool kidzz) would only have one of the straps on and left the other hanging?! OR if they were super COOL just left the top completely undone so your crop top and stomach would show?!


I don’t think I ever did that, but if I did I reallyyyy hope I rocked it.

*stressfully rummages through old photo albums*

DCS_7406These Madewell overalls are so feminine and fun. I decided to pair it with a tight and light striped crop top from Nordstrom BP (basic top = casual cute) and my Steve Madden chunky sandal heels to make the perfect spring outfit.

I’m really loving the deep pockets on these overalls, as well as the length. The jean is super stretchy and comfortable to move around in.

A simple heel or flats with overalls makes a more chic and put together look.

Head to Sunday brunch in these or even to work! I did.

My favorite, favoriteeee are these by Free People! Why? because they’re not designed like your typical pair of overalls, they have long straps that go all the way to your waist. You could totally rock (or show off) a cute top with these simple overalls. Just convinced myself…I think I’ll go buy these now!

What’s your favorite trend from the past?

– Alyssa



*Photos taken by Vanessa Evelyn of, in San Francisco*

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