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Outside Lands Music Festival

August 10, 2015

What a weekend! My first music festival since Escape From Wonderland, and WOW was it over the top, epic! THE MUSIC, FOOD, AND FASHION!

The music was incredible, ranging from DJ’s that played a mix of things, to solo artists and their guitars, and Kendrick Lamar to Elton John!

Also, I’m glad the festival was only 3 days because if it lasted any longer I would have gained 20 pounds from all the very tempting food trucks!

I have to say the style of clothing majority of people wore was pretty casual, and I was totally okay with that! It was still very fashionable with a lot of simple straight-cut cotton dresses and some bad Bandit jewelry; nothing like Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella, which is the next music festival I will be attending (and very excited to get all boho chic for!).

My time at the festival:

Day 1

IMG_4664The first day was a great introduction, nothing too crazy, great artists, and good goood wine! As you can see I wasn’t sure what the dress code was for OL because it was my first time, so I played it safe and went with the all black casual yet dressy look (love this loose summer top from Nordstrom).

Musicians we saw that I recommend you definitely check out! Some of which you might know:

FOOOOD, Outside Lands would not be the same without the (expensive) delicious, amazing, full of calories, glorious food! Everything was categorized from Restaurant Partners, to Trucks and Carts, and all the lands: Winelands, Beerlands, Cheeselands and Chocolands. (clever, I love it.)


If you’re in San Francisco, you MUST try these to die for places:

Day 2

IMG_2395The second day we had more time to check out the booths, that were so addicting, Ryan had to basically pull me out of every single one. A lot of companies/brands were giving out free goods!

ps. this top is totally festival-esque, the simplicity of it yet so much detail and the way it flows in the wind, so light and very comfortable!

My Flash Tattoos as seen in my photo above were sponsored by Nordstrom Rack! Huge thanks to them for completely giving my outfit a pop! They had arrows, feathers, a pineapple, and bird tats free to take! I even gave Ryan a few tats (pineapple + arrows) and I should mention he got quite a few bro compliments. lol

Bear Naked was my second favorite booth giving out savory granola, my favorite was the Sea Salt Carmel Apple packet! Ry and I entered their current contest going on “#livebearnakedcontest” where you can win $10,000 to fulfill a bucket list dream.

Ours? Shark diving in South Africa, of course.

IMG_7998Some of the Musicians we saw and recommendations from Day 2:

More to die for places:

  • Beast and the Hare
  • Del Popolo (I was actually attracted to this place by the design of the truck, very modern with an industrial feel and glass windows to see your pizza being prepped)

 Day 3 

IMG_4983On the last day of Outside Lands, I went with more of a soft “grundge” look, with my diamond chocker and black nylons and some combat boots. American Apparel saved the day with a very comfortable leotard that is my go-to for a costume, or fun music festival. (but I should warn you lines for the restroom can be up to 30 minutes (or longer) and taking all the layers off was such a PAIN, so I don’t really recommend wearing a leotard).

The last musicians I recommend you check out:

Last but not least, try these:

Overall, I had an amazing time at Outside Lands, and will definitely be back for next years festival!

Back to reality,


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