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Ocean Beach/Outer Sunset — Cafe & Beach x Windy Summer Paired with a Maxi

July 5, 2015

My first “Wear to Next” blog post! ❤️

If there’s one tip I recommend for anyone and anywhere in San Francisco it would be to bring a jacket (or a cute infinity scarf plus chapstick and…OK I can write a whole post on must-haves in The City!).

And do NOT let the warm sun fool you into thinking you’ll be OK without one. You will feel the wind thats awaiting to blow you away right around the corner.


Brunch and beach!

Outfit Deets


The weather over at Ocean Beach was a solid 73 degrees with wind, lots of it, and some good summer SF sun. On days like these you have to take advantage of them, and make a beach day out of it because they don’t come often!

A maxi is the most comfortable piece of clothing during this season, and the best thing is you can wear them anywhere. If it’s slightly chilly or windy out, pair it with a cute cardigan or as I did, a jean jacket (is always a good idea). This cute black and white patterned dress can be found at…you guessed it, Nordstrom, by Lush. (LOVEEE LUSH pieces!!) It gets better, its on sale too, and can be found here.

Jean jackets are like leather jackets — they don’t go out of style. I got this jacket from American Eagle a longgg time ago and found this gem in some of my clothing moving boxes. Here are some of American Eagle’s newest jean jackets!

My next investment for my closet is deff a hoodie jean jacket and white jean!


Anything woven is obvs meant for the beach, of course I brought my cute beach bag by Chico’s with. Check out this similar and totally charming Aqua beach tote. (this happens to be on sale TOO, thank me later ;) )

To complete the outfit, I finished it with some light accessories. I wore my rose gold watch from Nordstrom and a delicate gold bracelet from Charming Charlie that can be found here. Actually take a look at all their cuffed bracelets, CC has unbeatable prices and the most trendy pieces!

Lastly, the sunnies. I wish I could say they were mine but I forgot my own at home and Ry let me borrow his. LOL kuddos to you boyfriend! We found his sunglasses about two months ago at a boutique in Hayes Valley.

If you really want to go all out and add more accessories, I’d say add a summer flowy black hat, like this one here. (Another deal! NastyGal hat originally $40.00, now 6 BUCKS!).

I AM JUST FINDING SALES LEFT AND RIGHT TODAY. Definitely doing some shopping from home this good, good Sunday!









DCS_1171Besides all the great things about this very comfortable maxi, the best part is that it has adjustable straps in the back. Have you ever worn a maxi and it’s loose around the chest area? This fixes any of those problems, and fits you like it was customized to your size!


Ocean Beach & Java Beach Cafe ( Yayy for 2 destinations for my first “Wear to Next” post!)






DCS_1003This cafe, Java Beach, is now one of my favorites. It’s directly across from Ocean Beach and the Muni stop is right next to it!

Let’s talk food.

Every cafe has sandwiches, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything more than typical from this place. I was wrong, I scarfed my Java Club sandwich (picture 1) down in no time, even the coleslaw was amazing! I did take out the middle piece of bread because 3 layers is just too much for me. haha

Ry had the San Patricio (picture 2) and said it was delicious! I second that, I had a bite! :)

Highly recommend this cute cafe! Check ’em out on Yelp, 4 stars and 801 reviews!

Seats go quick so when you’re in line getting ready to order have an eye out for people getting ready to leave. They also have wifi and an outside seating area — careful with the birds, they’re waiting for you to blink so they can eat your leftovers! (They’re harmless and adorable. Picture below lol)



Sand dunes, one thing I’m not quite used to from San Diego. The only sand dunes were in Coronado and they don’t compare to the size of these guys in SF. They’re massive and totally cool, I loved running through them and sitting on top and gazing at the beach or city. This beach is very windy (the norm for most beaches in NorCal) but not packed, and has dogs roaming every so often. (fav partttttt)

People were either scattered on the beach or they found a private place between the dunes to block the wind and get in a good read.

Overall this beach was nice! I wouldn’t say it comes close to my favorites in SD (being bias =P) but a beach is a beach and they’re great either way. I’m happy to have one so close and that’s good enough for me!

The views are probably the best part, I could sit in the sand all day and just look at this beautiful city!


DCS_1161So if you ever find yourself in San Francisco and are wondering where to go next, well head over to the outer sunset area and hit the beach and Java Cafe and dress casual with a summer outfit possibly with one like mine above!

Safe travels,

– Alyssa

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