My Solo Trip To Copenhagen: Why You Should Travel Alone, Too!

March 31, 2017

I left San Francisco thinking what the hell did I get myself into?

I came back with so many more experiences, memories, & new friends than I could have imagined.

Hi, Hi, Hi!!

I’ve been totally MIA after returning from Copenhagen last month and was totally busy with 101 things when I got back.

So let’s dive right in…

Why did I take this trip?

No reason other than spontaneity. I found some tickets and asked friends if they could go, no one was able to make it so I decided instead of giving up on the trip, I’d go alone.

Why Copenhagen?

I literally googled “cities in Europe” and randomly picked Copenhagen. I’ve never been there, I don’t know anyone there, and didn’t know a thing about the city. Turned out to be a pretty good freaking choice!

Those were the two most asked questions from my family, friends and people I met abroad. This trip was just about meeting other travelers, getting to know some locals, and enjoying my time exactly how I wanted. I didn’t want to plan any of it, I didn’t want to do anything (really) touristy.

After coming back from an amazing time in Europe, I have to share why I would suggest traveling alone.

5 reasons to take the plunge and book a solo trip:

1. Planning is TOTALLY easy. I think I booked my stays about 2 weeks before I left. Smartest decision? No, lol, but it worked for me. I didn’t have to wait on anyone else, check if everything was good to go, or if anything was within anyone’s budget.

2. Boost of confidence. I’m a total extrovert. Soo traveling alone was pretty daunting, however my anxiety started and ended on the first day. Come day 2 I was running around with new friends. Traveling alone was also so liberating, some days I didn’t want to meet people and just take in the city’s beauty on my own.

3. You’ll make new friends. I met some people on my second day and was invited to go to a Metallica concert. Need I say more? Usually other travelers are willing and excited to meet other people just as much as you are. Most locals are too.

4. You’ll become a better traveler. I can’t express this one more. When it comes to traveling (with Ryan) I’m not a big planner, I don’t do maps, and I’m always in La La Land snapping photos left and right. This trip changed everything, I HAD to be more observant and pay attention to my surroundings in order to get to my destinations and back home.

I mean if things get tricky, there’s always Uber…let’s be real. ;)

5. You’ll have some pretty great/funny/weird/interesting stories to bring back home. I had so much unexpected fun on this trip and cherish the time I was in Copenhagen…but wow do I have some pretty awkward encounters. I was telling my friend all the deets last week and she almost spit out her mimosa.

Had to make a pit stop in London, of course. I adore this city. Did a little shopping & met some pretty awesome people. 

The last thing I felt while traveling solo was lonely. I highly recommend traveling on your own. There’s so much to see and learn, get out there and explore on your own time and I promise it will be worthwhile.

“There are no such thing as strangers; only friends you haven’t met yet.”

– Alyssa 

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