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Mini Parisian Escape

November 23, 2016

I just love Paris. Shopping and eating croissants all day? I’m in!

It never fails, I always seem to wear the same “style outfits” when visiting Paris. I guess I have this image of how I’m supposed to or want to dress.

Elegant. Cute. Warm.

Check out this picture on Instagram from about 2 years ago. (which is very similar to the outfit I’ll be talking about today).


I love a cute mini skirt…when worn appropriately.

Dress them up and they’re the chicest holiday piece.

img_6042img_6100-2 img_5908img_5994-2In Paris (and pretty much in general) I’m all about wearing all black and a hint of neutrals.

I’m freezing 24/7 in SF, soo I’m practically frozen when I visit Europe in winter. Wearing a mini skirt (from the kids section in Nordstrom) might not be the best idea. But if it’s cute, you know I’m about it. Therefore, my little winter add-ons are crucial AND ADORBS.

I swear H&M has thee BEST winter accessories. I love shopping there for essentials because they have every little thing you forgot you even needed. ;)

Like this gray head piece. (yes, I’ll take one in every color…I’m that girl)

My gloves, scarf & head piece are from H&M and under $25.

Mini skirts go well with a thick sweater slightly tucked in the front OR something tight. I went with a very fitting turtle neck from Zara. I’m seriously obsessed. The details on the sleeve are just enough to add a little extra to a basic turtle neck.

Knee high boots have been so popular these last 2 seasons. Stuart Weitzman started the trend a while back and I fell in love. Since then so many shoe designers have designed knee high boots of their own that are just as stylish and more affordable. I have them in blacktan (remember- that girl) and they go with everything.

Knee high boots are like mini skirts…they can come off a bit…you know, distasteful. But these boots are perf. They don’t go too high, are pretty fitting, and the heel is the perfect size- nothing too thin.

img_5916img_5847fullsizerender-4If you’re visiting Paris you haveee to dine at Ralph’s. One of the guys we met in London had recommended this place and it passed any expectaions I had. I ordered the lobster salad and was blown away. Don’t forget your mimosas! The outdoor patio is so picturesque. Sadly, it was too cold and everyone was seated inside. But I mean take a look below, the ambiance inside is absolutely stunning as well! Food, decor and service were all undoubtably spectacular!
img_6020 img_6025img_6160img_5920

So, how to be Parisian?

Dress nice, fine dine, eat croissants and drink red wine for breakfast. Oh, and pick up another language other than English if you can. Locals don’t really cater to touristy Americans, can you blame em? :)

Au Revoir ♥

– Alyssa

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