Kimono Refresh

August 31, 2015


Feeling pretty in pink Perfect color scheme going on for this unbeatable and unsurpassed summer weather! 

I frequently check old blog posts and make sure the links are all still redirecting you to products that are still in stock.

Well, when I was checking my post Business & Pleasure in The City I realized Nordstrom no longer carried this amazing free flowing kimono by ASTR…but the Rack did!

For more than half the price.

So I’ll just leave this lovely link here.

Accessories can make or break an outfit.

I like to to try and not go overboard when pairing accessories with outfits and really keeping in mind S I M P L I C I T Y; pairing and picking either 1 – 2 types of jewelry and another form of accessory like a bag, clutch, scarf, sunglasses, or hair piece.

For this particular outfit the kimono speaks for itself and is kind of like a statement piece alone, so I wanted my two accessories to be somewhat light: a watch and diamond studded hair pin.

And a BIG bag. This is my Marry Poppins bag that I love!

I typically don’t like purses or bags (wallets even…call me crazy) at all just because I have this insane anxiety that I’m going to leave it somewhere on accident and then that would be it. Someone would be in for a great surprise because I fit SO MANY things in my bag. Like I even have a deck of cards?!! When will I EVER need a deck of cards?

Who knows, but they might come in handy, I’m always prepared.

Basically I have two types of days: 1) Where I feel the need to pack my life in a bag or 2) Just carry my debit card and stick it behind my phone case trick.

Simple statements:

My watch is always my go to MK accessory, it’s rose gold and not too flashy.

My diamond studded hair pin, essentially a glory piece since I chopped my hair, it takes a little more effort to stand out. (if thats the look I’m going for, I absolutely love when it’s just sleek straight too )


I have a ton of black jeans, some of the same pair…because you obviously know ones going to fade in the wash.


But I’m really digging this ripped jean with one cut. Check out a similar pair here from TopShop.

My second favorite part of this outfit after my kimono, are my blush heels. I was shopping with my friend for casual heels I can wear out and about and we decided to peek F21. And what do you know, I found these babes, they’re seriously so comfortable and the heel is actually really sturdy and doesn’t start shredding layers after one time of wearing them. Highly recommend!

I love this look for a casual weekend outing. It says a lot without trying too hard!






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