Juice Cleansing: Pre/During/Post

November 2, 2015

Alas the juice cleanse post is here, I apologize it was a bit delayed. I’ve been extremely busy working long hours then coming home and trying to keep up with cooking the healthy meals I’ve been obsessed with. (definitely a blog post to come on healthy meals a bit later). Therefore, the cleansing post was on the back-burner for about a week.

Let’s get to the roots.

After returning home to SF from my vaca in New York I felt a bit, not sluggish, but very full. LOL Ry and I ate a ton of delicious food while on vacation (which is what you’re obvs supposed to do) and well, when we came home we craved vegetables to get us back on track . Thus, I thought of the perfect solution – my favorite green stuff in a bottle.


I’ll talk a bit about my experience and some tips I learned from my own cleanse, and then I’ll get into necessary steps you need to do before, during, and after a cleanse.

First tip: Cleansing can be expensive for some, so if you want to try a juice cleanse you gotta be serious about it. The juice will go to waste if you don’t stick to your pattern. I “tried” a juice cleanse in college and had no idea what in the world I was doing; I just loved the taste of green juice, then later ate some food – don’t be that person. haha

Tip Two: If you’re not an expert on cleansing and are trying it out for the first time, I highly suggest trying it out over a weekend. I say this because I swear I had to pee every hour. They say cleansing can make you get the runs, but I assume that’s for a much longer cleanse, reallyyyyy getting rid of all the crap inside you. For a one or two day cleanse this won’t necessarily happen to you. I also suggest you start off with a ONE day cleanse for your first time.

I got 2 days worth of juice for Ry and me. He was so excited and honestly handled it much better than I did. I got so full around lunch time from the juice (but yet I was hungry for solids…weird right?) and literally could not keep up with the 2-hour drinking pattern.

Tip Three: If you feel the urge to eat (which you should try your hardest not to, but if you must) eat the solids that are in your juice. (i.e.: a kale salad, celery, apple, grapefruit, almonds…whatever is in your juice atm).





  1. Cut out the junk 3 days prior. (fast food, ice-cream, alcohol, soda, coffee, etc.)
  2. Drink at least up to 8 cups of water/daily the week before (get your body prepared for a ton of liquids). I try to drink at least 32oz of water a day and you should too; not only for a cleanse, but for staying hydrated, and the hundred other benefits that water gives you.


  1. Start the day with a glass of room temperature water and lemon (if you order your juices from Pressed Juice they will supply you with everything necessary for the cleanse and you don’t need any additional drinks).
  2. Drink your 6 juices in 2 hour increments (Pressed Juice labels them for you – super helpful!)


  1. Slowly ease back into your normal eating routine. Some suggestions below:
    • Breakfast: oatmeal (no flavor just plain, but you can add some (brown) sugar if desired)
    • Lunch: salad with nuts
    • Dinner: organic chicken and vegetables
  2. Don’t do any strenuous exercising for about the first 2 days
  3. Monitor how you feel
  4.  As always, drink a lot of water!


I highly recommend Pressed Juice for cleansing: they have a great variety of flavors, provide the cleansing water, and they are (most importantly) trusted.

There are 3 cleanses depending on your experience and needs for the cleanse.

All cleansing prices are the same:

  • 1-day: $72
  • 3-day: $199
  • 5-day: $325

Pressed Juice has free shipping, but I recommend finding a location to sample the juices and ask any additional questions you may have. :)

Happy cleansing!



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