I Used To Want To Wear a Pencil Skirt to Work

July 18, 2016


Well, well, well.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged hasn’t it? A bit too long for my liking!

I went to Tahoe for a week for 4th of July (literally like ZERO wifi, we all kind of freaked but ended up enjoying the disconnect from our phones). I’ve been planning future trips for the rest of the year and my schedule has just been CHAOS…but in a good way.

I finally found my planner from Jot It Down (I misplaced it & went psycho without it) and will be using this baby as my editorial calendar to make sure I hold myself accountable for my deadlines! Blog posts will be back weekly.

With having a busy schedule comes limited time in my dressing room aka my closet, buuut that’s ok considering the atmosphere here in SF is veryyy laid back. Doesn’t take much time to get ready in the city.

I used to think I would dress for work like they do in the TV show SUITS. LOL I got used to the San Francisco business attire…REAL QUICK. More so the start-up world, basically the more casual the better. No one is running around in a pencil skirt.

I always wanted to wear a little black dress to work, wear my hair up in a bun with glasses, red bottoms and say the word client. HA! I obviously watched way too many law shows, but even they say the clothing isn’t THAT glamorous.

Maybe I just wanted to be a movie star, ANYWAYSSSS.

Soo how do you dress super casual whilst trying to look ca-uuute?

Easy. A lot of trendy and affordable stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters, Forever21, and sometimes American Apparel have great deals on basic tee’s that you can dress up in a second!

As you can see below, I’m wearing a very basic tee from H&M that has a nice long cut out on the bottom, it gives the look definition and guess what…no jewelry needed! Maybe a statement ring, like I added.

The sides of the tank remind me of a muscle tee, but they don’t go that low, obvs.

This is where I add in the ca-uuuteness. I added a feminine touch to my somewhat masculine top. Laced bralette ladies – in light pink, you know I love!

I’m wearing Hudson skinny jeans that are so comfortable and stretchy. Jeans are one thing that I do like to splurge on…a little. I like to have my nice jeans that I can absolutely count on for comfort and longevity and then I like to buy basic Topshop jeans for everyday wear.

Booties are my first love and I’m starting to have a shopping problem with them. Not only buying too many, but buying the same shoe, different color? Alyssa you are absurd!!

Look they were on sale and the chicest AllSaints booties, and I couldn’t control my addiction.

…working on it!

I also added some fun beach waves to finish my casual work look.

I’m not over dressed, I’m comfortable, this look takes almost no effort, and I feel confident…what everyone should look for in getting ready for any occasion! (sometimes being over dressed is totally fine ;) just in my case, I’d rather not).

Oh, and my glasses are from SEE EYE WEAR and they are totally rad.

Forever wishing I lived in New York dressing like I was part of the Gossip Girl click.


Blair Waldorf aka Alyssa

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