November 22, 2016

We’re going to talk about the awesome London Itinerary I have for you guys, I just have 2 things to express first:

I didn’t have 1 ounce of jet lag this time around on vacation. (YAY! Usually gets me every time)

…But I DID miss my international flight BACK HOME.


Yes, you read right.

How could this be? How could this possibly happen? I’m early for everything! Am I dreaming?

I blamed everything I could to justify missing the flight; the waitress taking too long to bring us our check at breakfast, the Uber driver, the train station. At the end of the day it was all me. I missed my own flight. (aha, well technically I didn’t miss the flight. The plane was still there and wasn’t going to leave for another HOUR. However, in Europe for some airlines, check-in CLOSES an hour early. Had no idea.) You know those movies where the guy is chasing after the girl in the airport and stops the plane before taking off? Yeah, Europe ain’t got time for that.

I was traveling with one of my girlfriends and we ended up just paying for a whole new ticket back home (ouch!). But we both knew that staying in London a few extra days was really not a bad situation to be in. ;)

This trip was definitely a good one and I am so happy we decided to book this mini vacation.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pictures this time around only because I didn’t bring my DSLR camera or even the SONY digital camera. :(  *siiiigh, looking back at all those amazing pictures from Positano* I just couldn’t lug that heavy thing around all day (props to you Ry).

But what I do have are great recommendations! Not to take all the credit though, some recs were given to us by a new friend we made early on in London.

Alriiiight, here’s the London Restaurant and Bar Itinerary I highly suggest (!!!):

Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch

1. Granger & Co. 

Order the hotcakes. Ohhh so savory!!

One of the cutest areas too, Notting Hill 


2. Regency Cafe

£5 for a FULL English breakfast. I’m talking baked beans, bacon, sausage, egg, toast, hash browns, tea or coffee. (and it’s one of the better one’s I’ve had to be honest) Be sure to get there early or be prepared to wait in a very long line!

3. The Wolseley

For a much more extravagant dining experience – go here and make reservations!



1. Cecconi’s

We ate here on our “thought-to-be” last night and ordered a bunch of food! Try the calamari and meatballs as starters & the crab raviolloi or spaghetti with lobster as your main dish. I mean I can live off Italian food, I’m sure anything you order is sure to be delightful!

A friend told us that the drinks were amazing too…however, we didn’t try them. We were trying to take our “last night” easy.

(we ordered tea and our waiter sang us a lullaby! LOL I just can’t with people who drink coffee at 11:30pm!)

*fun fact: Beyonce & Jay Z have dined here ;)cecccc

2. The Tiroler Hut Restaurant

For a full on authentic Austrian/German cuisine! Along with live music and lively people!


Drinks (Soho)

1. Milk & Honey

Speakeasy bar. Get in before 11pm as after hours are for members

2. Basement Sate

Drinks and small bites! YUM!basmentsate

3. Little Italy

Want to party all night on a Tuesday? We sure did! “Little Italy” had the best music, good drinks & dancing.

Ps. It’s not an area, it’s an actual place. (MY KINDA PLACE) *insert red dress girl dancing emoji*


Winter Wonderland

 If you happen to be in London during the holidays at the end of the year, be sure to check out Winter Wonderland. Leave it to London to get you into the holiday spirit! WW consists of rides, carnival games, great food, mulled wine and much more!

img_6459• Winter Wonderland •

I’m not going to bore you with the obvious touristy guides. You can plan a trip solely dedicated to sightseeing and find all that info on Google. But after that…go out, meet the locals, grab drinks with new friends and try out these bars and restaurants. London’s got you covered.

fullsizerender• Going out our first night in London •


We met so many great people this time around. Everyone was so open to inviting us out, assisting us with our luggage, stopping and helping with directions. Not to say SF people are rude, but I mean come on…most will not go out of their way to assist someone unless asked, along with an eye-roll.

Hey, I’ve seen it.

Thanks to everyone we met in London, you truly made our vacation a special one!

Kinda wishing we missed our second flight home.


Is it Thanksgiving yet? Can you tell my 2 favorite things are traveling and eating good food?


– Alyssa

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