I Hate Mint Ice Cream…But LOVE This Mint Dress

August 10, 2016

DCS_9163Off the shoulder wear is so trendy right now, and I highly recommend everyone hop on the bandwagon. I mean what’s not to love?

HOWEVER. 2 things about off the shoulder shirts/dresses:

1. They are the most adorable, chic, elegant, & stylish pieces of clothing ever. Showing skin on the shoulders is so vogue. 

2. Do they make you feel stiff like you can’t move?…also a bit difficult to breath in? UMM YES. lol

Geeeez beauty is pain ;)

I am totally obsessing over this mint dress.

Like really, what in your closet is mint colored? That’s why I love this dress soo much, the color is to die for!!! And with that being said let’s talk about #2.

Yes, this mini Topshop dress is more than charming, but I have to say I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this dress for a full day. It’s a bit more snug around the shoulder area, because of course it needs to fit and stay in one place, but man do you not realize how much you move your arms in a day.

I feel like reaching for my Chai Tea in this outfit is all the exercise I need.

If you lift your hands up, you need to fix your dress. If you reach for something, well just don’t. This dress is meant for you to sit there and look pretty!!

HAHA I’m obviously exaggerating.

If you are looking for that special off the shoulder something, this is the dress for you. The color is unique, the fit is perfect – a loose fit and very flowy, add a small detailed accessory (I added a string choker – nothing too dramatic) and you are ready to shine.

I honestly would have paired this dress with a totally different shoe, preferably a pointed white lace up pump (will link more affordable pumps below), buuut I didn’t feel like wearing pumps in SF and I also don’t have white heels. (MAJOR NOTE TO SELF) So I resorted to these Steve Maddens that are always my go-to.

DCS_9193DCS_9170DCS_9077DCS_9155DCS_9151DCS_9184DCS_9203Oh ps. if you guys read the blog, you totally know I’m alllll for the nips and no bra. If you don’t know what I’m sayin’ you haven’t lived. Check out these ‘fake nips’ as I like to call them (aka nippies) and sit back, relax, & let loose.

It’s all about what makes YOU comfortable, not anyone else.

That’s all for today.

Talk Soon. X

– Alyssa


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