How to Style 1 Plain Tank 2 Ways

December 20, 2016

Hey hey guys!

Idk if it’s just me or what but this holiday season is tiring me out! In the best way possible.

December is my absolute favorite month. I just don’t remember so many holiday parties (such an “adulting” thing right?), so much shopping craziness happening at the mall (hello Amazon prime!), or going out with girlfriends so much in a month!

I actually wouldn’t have it any other way though. Everyone is out and about and in a good mood. I love the rush, I love the energy (which I am starting to run out of LOL), the holiday spirit…and food.

With all the holiday madness happening right now, I’m reallyyyy counting on my accessories and major staple items to complete my outfits. I just don’t have time to go through my closet trying on this and that. It’s so much easier to throw on a leather jacket or the comfiest cardigan instead!

Let’s talk about how EASY it is to dress up or dress down your favorite simple tank hiding in your closet.

dcs_51091st look: DRESSING UP a tank and jeans

Everyone knows that shoes are clearly a huge fashion statement. It’s soo easy to complete an outfit with shoes alone.

The best part about booties is that they go with everything and there are a ton of styles to choose from.

I have my plain booties that are extra casual, my cutout heeled booties by Jeffrey Campbell that are edgy in their own unique way, & booties with buckles! Heart eyes. Buckled booties are my favorite, they’re just so badass.

To add to this outfit I threw on my leather jacket from Zara and Sole Society hat from Nordstrom. Easy right? 3 major add ons to a tank and you’ve got one cool put together look.

I’ll link a range of affordable to high end leather jackets below!

dcs_5131dcs_5151dcs_5310dcs_5320dcs_53782nd look: DRESSING DOWN a tank and jeans

Again, it’s all about the shoes. I added a bit of pop to this outfit by pairing my COMFY white long cardigan from H&M with my studded TopShop loafers. (ASOS pointed loafers only $28! HERE & in white HERE).

The rest is just a simple tank and black pants. I mean literally anyone can achieve the relaxed look while still looking amazing. So winter chic. Inexpensive and cute? Yes plz.

Add some beach waves and you’re a babe who “woke up like this”. Literally, this look is so effortless.

Dressing “down” doesn’t have to be boring. I just wrote a blog post last week about how “Casual Doesn’t Have To Be Boring” and that’s totally my motto for my more relaxed days. I never want to actually feel dressed down when I dress down, you know?

Comfy casual? Check.

Still look good? Check Check!


Find that cute tank you love or plain basic tee, add a warm jacket or cardigan, some accessories like a thick long scarf, big bold black sunglasses, or a simple gold bracelet (shoes count!), & you’re golden. I like to think of accessories as everything other than jewelry sometimes. Love a cute choker or  dainty necklaces and simple bracelets, but I try not to overdo it with the jewelry.

No time can be wasted this time of year staring into a closet full of clothes, complaining there’s nothing to wear ;)

Every girl ever, right?

 Happy holidays!

– Alyssa



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