How To Look Great Even If You Don’t Feel It!

March 3, 2016

What a hell week! How am I sick again?!

Seriously debating getting my tonsils out because this sore throat issue is not the business!

Speaking of being sick, I neverrr want to get ready when I’m feeling under the weather. Like sweatpants, hair tied, chillen with no makeup on. (that’s when you the prettiest I hope that you don’t take it wrong)

Catch my drift?

LOL ok but seriously, who wants to get all dolled up when you feel like crap? Not me.

But I have a solution.

I have this dress? Shirt? Actually, it’s called a shirtdress and it’s pretty much the best thing that’s ever happened. Definitely meant for people on the fly, or people who simply don’t want to take an hour to get ready when feeling sick, but still want to look good).


HOLY GRAIL. Introducing the Button Front Shirtdress by WAYF – Where Are You From.

The best part for you guys…you know it, SALE BABY.

It’s only $24.97 now?! How does Nordstrom drop prices more than half?! Don’t know and you shouldn’t care.

UMM, if I were you, I’d jump on this sale and get it in every color. The shirtdress comes in black (as seen on me), Mauve (well I’m calling it that, it’s called “Blood”. um ew.), and olive. Seriously the mauve is probably the prettiest one, but I would save it for a day when you’re feeling good, have time to curl your hair and wear heels! The black and olive are so easy to wear – just throw on a pair of booties and you’re solid.

Tip: This outfit would look 10x’s hotter with black thigh high boots!! I’ll link some thigh highs below! (recommended for the black + olive shirtdress)

If you’re a total denim babe check out these 2: shirtdress 1, shirtdress 2; or a sleeveless shirtdress for summer!


Since we’re talking about an effortless fit today, absolutely no accessories needed for this one. Simple does it!

I did add a couple light gold mid rings + black sunnies (similar) + a messenger bag (similar — originally from Aldo).

One of my sisters bought me the midrings for Christmas, the sunnies are actually Ry’s (LOL), and Ryan’s sis – which I consider to be family now too, got me the chicest messenger bag.

Soo…thanks guys for helping to put together this easy 5 minute outfit! Literally doesn’t require much and is so comfortable!

I mean come on, no pants?! I’M IN.



– Alyssa


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