Happy Birthday Ry

January 3, 2015

London has to be one of the most beautiful places to see around Christmas time; all the lights in Piccadilly Circus, old brick buildings with chimneys, ear muffs, and…Winter Wonderland. On December 30th we spent Ry’s birthday sleeping in due to MAJOR jet lag (it was a necessary sacrifice). Ryan has adjusted to the time change much faster than I have, I’m still eating at midnight on California’s time. The 8 hour difference is no joke.

I thought Ry’s birthday would be best spent at Winter Wonderland! (insert sparkle and heart eye emojis). We left the house in Clapham, London at about 4:00pm, lucky for us we have an Underground Station about 7 minutes from our place. We took the Victoria line tube (underground transportation) to Green Park. After arriving, we walked a short distance to Hyde Park, my absolute favorite park in London, which is where Winter Wonderland is located. Hyde Park is hugeee, 350 acres to be exact, and has a pleasant bike ride trail, benches to read on, and grass to roam. Once we saw all the lights in the distance and faint screams from the rides, we were even more excited and started to walk a bit faster just to enjoy it longer.

WW is not just a place to go to feel the holiday spirit, take pictures in the artificial snow while ice skating, and drink mulled wine, but also an adventure park. We ate chicken and beef burgers, and had a side of chips (fries). We laughed on rides that lasted 5 MINUTES (yes 5 minutes), until we felt sick. We probably had the most fun on Ryan’s day because of all the endless laughs on “The Yetty” and “Euro Christmas Coaster”, and drinking hot cider.

Happy birthday love. It’s so fun having birthdays a day apart and spending them in different cities, last year New York, this year London, what’s next?? :)

OMG. Excuse my voice, I was really sick in the beginning of the trip.

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