December 1, 2016



Ha, I honestly can’t even tell you. This is how it went, I woke up one morning and decided I needed a major change, I had already cut 13 inches off my hair and I guess felt the need to now dye it?!

It’s been a whirlwind of maintenance, tears (yes tears, I’ll explain all), and lotsss of $$$, and in the end…happiness too.

My first step? I knew I wanted to go all blonde aka find the most expensive salon in San Francisco with good reviews…because they can’t mess up right?


I called the salon that morning and had a great conversation with the receptionist, she explained how I would need to have multiple appointments to get me to the white blonde I wanted. I happily accepted and booked the appointment.

On the day I went blonde, after about 5 hours we rinsed and when I saw my hair in the mirror I could see my undertone brown color everywhere, and it was spotty!

I was upset inside (considering hair is basically the most important thing to girls and I paid hundreds of dollars for this), but tried to keep calm as I didn’t know what the next step was going to be in order to fix it.

Plot twist…neither did she.

Her recommendations were to: 1) Chop off 5 inches (I had already cut 13 inches off months earlier, she might as well shaved my head) or 2) Bleach it again…but her words “I don’t really recommend it” (so a recommendation but not one at the same time? OK cool).

She had said it MIGHT make my hair damaged, some hair might break off. Okay like split ends?? Split off like an inch or two? I can deal. She didn’t fully explain the damage that was about to be done to my hair.

And I wouldn’t know the results until the next day.

She bleached my hair again with heat (I told this to my new stylist and she freaked), and after a total of 8 hours at the salon I was finally able to go home with my hair wrapped up in some intense Olaplex. (Kim K uses- it’s been a life saver). I was told to keep it in for a few hours.

I was so excited to shower and see the new results, but what I witnessed was a dangerous mess. I got out of the shower in tears, my hair felt like this spongey texture that if you yanked just ever so lightly it would break off. I’m talking 4-5 inches.

That weekend I remember flying to San Diego to visit friends and not even knowing what to do with my hair as I couldn’t brush it or else my hair would fall out. Well I got a call that weekend from the owner of the salon, I don’t know how he found out but I assume it was big talk at the salon, either way I was really appreciative he took the time to personally call me.

He offered to personally take care of me, reimburse me, and set me up with some products that would help my hair regain its health. UM you bet I accepted, as I had no idea what to do next.

After visiting with him at his salon, I couldn’t have been happier. I guess sometimes it is worth it to spend a bit more at higher end salons, as the customer service is typically unsurpassed. Granted she did mess up, but the after care was more than I could have ever imagined. And I am soo thankful!

I was set up with Olaplex, Kerastase shampoo, PhitenBella conditioner, Kevin.Murphy shampoo, Oribe radiant and repair treatment spray, and a Kerastase deep conditioning masque.

Now let’s dive into these. They have worked magic into my hair. With time, my hair did a complete 180. It’s stronger, healthier, and I can style it without worrying about damaging it further or it breaking off.



Like I said Kim Kardashian uses it and I’m right there with her. If you’re planning on bleaching your hair or have already I highly suggest this potion in a bottle! It will rebuild and reconnect broken bonds, this stuff works guys.


Whenever people bleach their hair, typically you hear of “purple shampoos” which is the best stuff to keep the blonde before it turns into a gross orange. Well…my priority wasn’t about keeping the color at first, but instead reconstructing. This shampoo was key for moisturizing the scalp and strengthening hair fibers. The thing I will say about this shampoo is that it doesn’t get foamy from the soap so I kept feeling like I needed more and more. (so I ended up mixing it together with the Kevin.Murphy shampoo (below))


“An intense, deep nourishing treatment that detangles and deeply moisturizes, leaving the hair soft, smooth and strong…for dry, sensitized and chemically treated hair” It says exactly what it does. This stuff detangles my hair instantly and smells great.


A restorative shampoo that has extracts from the Lotus flower and Orchid to help renew hair. LOVE.


I bought this spray months later when my hair was finally getting its strength back and I was so excited about it…because finally my priority was now to KEEP the color. Oribe Bright Blonde is meant to maintain that white blonde, it’s a purple spray you should use once a week. Another great smelling product!!


& my favorite product (well, tied with Olaplex) the Kerastase masque! You can expect shine and soft, softtt hair. It strengthens your hair (obviously, but does a good job!) and nourishes the hair and scalp.

Thanks to the owner and great products, my hair was saved.

I am completely satisfied with my hair again and love the way it’s growing out. Looks like a natural balayage.

Oh, will I ever do this again you ask? HELL NO.


Over it and to be honest it’s so high maintenance! (the monthly toners, products and upkeep!) Maybe later…later later try a shade lighter or darker than my natural hair, but nothing so dramatic.

I give props to the people who dye their hair different colors and know how to constantly maintain it, it’s (hard) work!

Hope you all are having a great Thursday! Talk soon!

– Alyssa

PS. Brunettes have more fun. ;)



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