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March 9, 2016

Time to START Your New Years Resolution (with some pretty details)

Was one of your new years resolutions to finally get organized?

Let’s face it, we all need a little organization. Whether it be to reorganize our closets, delete unnecessary google docs from our drives at work, or actually put that agenda to use that you got for Christmas.

Whatever it may be, it’s time…

TIME TO PUT THOSE RESOLUTIONS INTO ACTION. It’s March baby, there is no time to waste.

& I’m here to help.

Getting organized is MAJOR to my success (in school and as I start to build a career for myself).

And I owe it all to my handy dandy (NOTEBOOK! jk that was a major throwback for those who caught it) AGENDA!

I can’t imagine my life without my calendars. Yes plural.

(yearly/monthly/weekly: one for school/work (8×11) and blogging (size A5), and personal life (iPhone calendar)). Total organization FREAK.

Literally anyone who hasn’t started their new years resolution…which I know there are deff some of you out there, you need to go out and get an agenda. It’ll help with whatever resolution you may have.

But not just any agenda.

Gasp. When I’m in Target trying to look through 1759 notebooks/journals/calendars, literally flipping through all the pages making sure they have everything I need (+ the right color scheme), is not only time consuming, but tiring and especially emotional when I don’t find mr. right.

I think my overly wild obsession with finding thee agenda comes from wanting to write everything down. Therefore, I’ll be looking at this thing all day everyday! (not to mention, I have really good penmanship – sorry just had to throw that out there).

I’m the type of person that needs to write everything out. I did it all throughout college; don’t get me wrong I love my Mac but I love to write, highlight, then CROSS something out when I’m finished. It feels soo soo LIBERATING.

Agendas keep you on track, motivated, organized, and less stressed! Qualities everyone should want and are so easy to obtain especially with jot it down.

Jot it down is a stationary business that has everything from journals to pens to marble cubes for you and your desk. They are a one stop shop for all your stationary needs.

I have a few of their items but the “diary” as they call it is ovbs my fave. It’s just an agenda and is the perfect personal size (A5), has inspirational quotes at the beginning of the month and beginning of the week, tear out to-do list pages, and much more!

Omg and everything goes – I’m talking color wise. You don’t need to be worried about your stationary staples not matching (god forbid that happen). Idk about you but I’m so over the basic designs Target has. The main color you’ll find they have is BLACK. and you can’t go wrong with that.

Totally universal.


Another stationary company I recommend is SugarPaper for the more girly type that wants a pop of pink stripes and gold triangles. Ps. they did a special collab with Target and put out some of the CUTEST stuff, I bought one for my sister and when I went back they were sold out. -___- BUT I found some online! (I’ve linked some above & you can see a variety in my widget below). Also, these are superrr affordable, it’s also March and as the days pass…calendars become way cheaper! Check them out ;)

And if you’re funky and love funny/inspirational quotes, & geometric neon designs, Bando is for you! They’re so good that all of their 2015-2016 agendas are sold out. Sign up NOW to get on their VIP list for the 2016-17 agendas that will be out right before (this) summer!!!

Back to business, even if you don’t get one of these totally awesome agendas, I’m a firm believer in the way they work and how they keep you Accountable.

Heck if you don’t need an agenda, at least use your calendar on your phone. The “Oh, I’ll remember this later” thought you get multiple times throughout the day…never works. We both know it.

Utilize these amazing tools and write down your thoughts/goals: “GO TO THE GYM AT 7am”, go on a walk around my neighborhood, or EAT LUNCH for those of you who live the busy life.

Whatever resolution or goal you have for yourself, put it in your agenda! Baby steps.

There are a lot of days (and space) to fill. So set realistic goals, complete them, then CROSS THAT SH*T OUT.



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