Forgot One Little Thing, Our Favorite Rooftop Bar

January 5, 2015

Sometimes it’s hard for people to remember what they did yesterday and when traveling it’s even harder to remember what you did last week; days become jumbled. We’re doing as much as we can everyday with little breaks, and we just realized today…Ryan’s birthday didn’t end at Winter Wonderland. LOL

We take close to 700-1000 pictures PER DAY and when going through some, we noticed we ended his night at an amazing rooftop lounge, Radio. How could anyone forget this place?! I mean with a view of 180 degrees of the best/amazing/beautiful parts overlooking London, including: Big Ben, The London Eye, Ice Skating Rink, The River Thames, and all the lights! We knew we loved Radio and definitely didn’t forget it, but forgot the day we went. Ooops.

When we first arrived the doorman questioned my age and whenever this happens I can’t help but laugh, then get a little nervous…every time. I think it’s funny and wonder how young they think I am, then I have this anxiety that OMG he’s going to think I’m lying, he’s going to think my ID’s fake, this is so embarrassing.

So this is how my answer went…”I’m…22 (had to think because I didn’t want to say the wrong age, it’s my anxiety speaking), well, 23 tomorrow! ha ha…want to see my ID?!” They knew my ID was in fact not fake, wished me a happy birthday (and Ryan), and we took the elevator to top floor. I swear I could write a book on 10,462,038 things that give me anxiety and embarrass me, if you know me, you know this is true! haha

We enjoyed some Rosé while looking at the city. Then once it hit 12:00am, it was my birthday! ;D






Yes, breathe, take a look at that viewwww!

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