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Fisherman’s Wharf — Crab Din X Dressy Jean

July 18, 2015

Din + Cocktails on the wharf

Outfit Details



It’s always a good week when crab (and my boyfriend + friends) are involved. The past weekend we headed to the Crab House at Pier 39 and I was sooo excited! I’ll share my love for crab below under the Destination category!

(be cautious, I get pretty into it)

Anyways, this place is so good, I really don’t know if anyone notices what you’re wearing…I know my only focus was on my food. But of course you still have to piece yourself together nicely, it’s a pretty casual place, the whole pier is really. So slight ripped jeans, a nice blouse with dainty details, and a pair of black booties did the job!

About the pieces:

I have a love/hate relationship with this blouse; it’s cute, comfy, and can look super chic if you dress it up, BUT I have really long arms and sleeves sometimes don’t always fit!! (WHYYY MEEEE). I bought this garment when I used to work at H&M and never really wore it because the sleeves bugged the crap out of me, I mean look at how long the entire blouse is?? Why make sleeves that fit a 5 year old?! *cries* The garment is one of those pieces of clothing you know you are totally unsure of but you try it on AGAIN because maybe, just maybe, this time suddenly it will look totally different and fit you great and change colors, and turn into a beautiful dress? OK, exaggerating but I thought maybe I could make it look different because I really adore the small details on the collar…all it took…roll the sleeves up! LOL It’s crazy how a little yet noticeable adjustment can do the trick!

Ahh, the jeans…they’re great. Super comfy and I know I may say this a lot in my upcoming posts but it’s really important to me that the clothes I buy are comfortable — sometimes. (like SHOES, shoes will ALWAYS be the exception). I looked really hard for ripped jeans with a small tear, but everything was chopped up from the jean pocket to the ankle…no thanks. Then I found these babes, check out the dark wash from Articles of Society.

My friend actually bought my black and gold handbag for me from Nordy’s, which was a great present! I love the looseness of it and the studs (makes it stand out without being too edgy).




Let’s talk C-R-A-B!

My favorite part of this post today is talking about how wonderful the crab is oh so deliciously cooked at Crab House. This place is by far my preferred place to eat crab in SF. It’s so good, you’ll drool as you see it coming. It’s so good, the buttery bread you get before your entree DOESN’T EVEN MATTER. You don’t care for appetizers, you don’t care if the waiter didn’t refill your water, heck you don’t even need a bib!

You are there for crab and crab only.

We ordered shrimp and I love shrimp but nope, I didn’t have any.

You are constantly sitting on the edge of your seat because all the pieces of crab that are headed your way you pray it’s the one, it’s yours. The crab is sizzling hot on a round skillet asking you to devour it!

And once the crab comes, no one talks. God forbid you interrupt the consuming of delicious white buttery crab with your small talk! When Ry and I went to the Crab House a couple months ago with friends, no one spoke and in the middle of eating we laughed because no one even noticed, it’s like you’re in your own world. Of course conversation is always nice during dinner but you HAVE try this place and you’ll understand.

Not to mention the service is great and very attentive!

Oh, the cocktails are yummy too! Try the strawberry mojito!

Highly recommend guys! :) Can you tell?

DCS_1390 copyDCS_1437 DCS_1442 DCS_1444 DCS_1448


Still in my crab coma,

– Alyssa

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