Finally A Bodysuit That’s Work Approp!

August 3, 2016


Hello Hello Hello!!

Another work related styled post. Too much? I’ll make sure the next few posts are different ;)

It doesn’t even feel like Tuesday, I’m still on this high from San Diego.

Yupp, I went back again. CAN’T GET ENOUGH.

I miss that place like crazy. Ry and I flew to Vegas to meet up with his sister and her boyfriend, and we all drove to SD.

Let me tell you, the drive isn’t bad!  (when you’re sitting in the back, eating snacks, napping, etc. HA!)

We had a whirlwind of a time, we beached it, ate acai bowls and tacos, hiked Torrey Pines, and ran around the city exploring. We had a slight issue with our Airbnb, but I won’t spare you the gruesome details LOL. Let’s just say we had to get out of there asap and book a hotel.

Can’t wait to go back with Ry, Kaylin & Jarryl again, even if our vaca was slightly ruined, we made the best of it and had way too much fun!

DCS_8716 DCS_8731

Now that I’m back in SF, the cold cold brutal SF (jk it’s not that bad, I’m just a baby when it comes to the cold), I still like to wear fun pieces.

Bodysuits have been such a hit lately, they’re comfortable and make you look very neat and put together. A lot of people wear them when they go out at night or to raves, they’re slim and sexy! Buuut that’s not exactly what work attire condones.

This lace up is from Ten Sixty Sherman and sleeveless (love!).

Check out this long sleeve off the shoulder bodysuit by TSS. (it’s $16 bucks!)

Here’s one that’s totally summer approp, work approp, and guaranteed to get heads turnin’. Add a simple nude cardigan and you’re set!



Coastal Dreamin’ (like anywhere between Pacifica to SD),

– Alyssa


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