Lookin’ Good While Stayin’ Dry!

January 19, 2016


Hello, Hellooo!

Hope everyone had a fun 3-day weekend! I’m excited to share some chic style picks to wear in this oh so “cold” weather!

It’s been rain central here in SF.

The good thing is that even though it’s very windy and pouring, the weather is bearable, and sweater crop tops make the cut! ;)


First on the list…get a sturdy umbrella! Don’t be that person that loses it against the wind and is struggling to flip their umbrella inside out. (even though that was me today, I could not stop laughing!! I thought it was the most hilarious thing!)

(P.s. – ALL Items can be found listed below in my shopping widget!)


Second, a sweater crop top! Keeps you warm but also chic. Topshop and H&M are actually the easiest, cheapest and probably the best places to look because they have a ton!!

Check out my top 3 faves!

1. BCBGMAXAZRIA Sweater Crop Top

2. Striped Crew Sweater Top

3. Topshop Ribbed Crop Top


This next one is important.

NO ONE likes the feeling of drenched jeans, so fear no more…a loose pant is going to be your best friend this winter. Beyonddd comfortable.


And also a cute pair of heeled booties of course!

DCS_5060Let’s talk arm candy.

A few months ago my good friend gave Alex and Ani bracelets as a gift to all her bridesmaids, and basically I’ve been obsessed. They’re cute and actually fit my small ass wrists!

Shop some of my favorites from a list I posted yesterday on instagram!


DCS_5047DCS_5053Head wraps are essential for winter because let’s face it beanies can look so awkward sometimes.

If you don’t get thee perfect one it will:

A.) look like a peanut (my favorite worst kind!!)

B.) It’s too small and you look like some sort of bandit?! LOL

C.) Messes up your hair! Obvs.

Thank you to the girl (or guy) that invented these magical things to make A, B, and C something we never have to worry about! Actually, you can hide a bad hair day with these things. I didn’t even straighten my hair because of the rain and my wrap kept my hair down and in place.

They come in like every color and every material. I’ve listed a bunch below along with my other recommendations!

(P.s. – all head wraps are under $10! and the ones from Forever21 are all under $4!!)

Stay warm, stay chic babes.



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