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May 11, 2016

DCS_7632 DCS_7647DCS_7663Vivaaa Las Vegas!

That’s where I was this past weekend celebrating Mother’s Day on the strip!! LOL JUST KIDDING.

Ry’s from Vegas and we decided to surprise his mom.

And let me tell you, it was a success! With the whole family in on it and some secretive planning, she had no idea and was soo surprised. Some tears were shed along with long tight hugs.

Family is so important to me and so is spending every holiday with them.

This was kinda the first holiday I haven’t spent with my family. And yes Mother’s Day is a holiday.

Honestly, in the beginning of my relationship I couldn’t image sharing holidays with Ry and his family. Christmas or Thanksgiving without seeing MY family…are you crazy? 

There was one year where Ry went to Vegas alone because I didn’t want to skip seeing my family. I’m so close to my siblings and parents, and now that I don’t see them everyday since moving out to go to college and now living in SF, holidays are something I very much look forward to.


After meeting Ry’s family and really getting to know them after numerous visits…guess what. It wasn’t hard for me to accept that more family, more love, more laughs is always better. (but more so having 2 Christmas’s! lol)

Now I can’t image not seeing his fam on holidays.

Typically we go to Vegas to celebrate major holidays a week before and then spend the actual day with my family. This time I decided we make this trip happen because I knew how much his mom would appreciate it and as busy as Ry is, he always misses his family. So I know he really appreciated it too.

Now, it’s important for Ry and I to set time aside and make these trips happen. Family is important to me, both mine and his. 

I also get to have another Mother’s Day this weekend, my mom is coming up and we get to spend the day in the city! I’ve missed her!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

– Alyssa

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