“Wear to Next” Is Here!

July 5, 2015

Hey guys! Exciting news, (Drum roll please!) today I am launching a new category on my blog called “Wear to Next”, where fashion meets your destination!

Here’s the deal, ever dress for an outing or destination and then realize your outfit is not exactly aligned with the vibe of where you are? Like dammit I ruined a good outfit, and you have to save it for next month (or two) because you already have pictures in it? Happens to the best of us…


Soooo, with this in mind I had the idea of suggesting types of attire to wear for places I recommend in different cities!

First, starting with San Francisco, since I myself am exploring new places and getting to know the fashion sense in this amazing city! It’s a whole different style than yoga pants, bikinis, and Top Siders in San Diego! Can’t wait to write about my “Wear to Next” adventures throughout all my travel experiences!

Super excited about this new launch and I hope you guys are too!

Fashion as well as destination recommendations? Couldn’t be better for the globe trotting fashion lover!

– Alyssa

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