Down The Rabbit Hole – Holly Madison

November 30, 2016

What a wild ride of travels recently! Italy in October, London and Paris in November and then straight to Vegas for Thanksgiving. Noo not to party on the strip, everyone suddenly thinks this whenever I say we’re going to Vegas. Ryan’s from LV so we try to go as often as we can to visit. In reality, I’ve only been to the strip like twice and just never really had that OMG VEGASSS is the best place everrr moment like some girls (and guys) do.

Not saying I don’t want to have a weekend getaway on the strip though, hello pool parties in summer!


1 hour flights – 12 hour flights, I love reading on them! (or sleeping, it’s a gift tbh, I can fall asleep instantly on a plane lol)

I have thee perfect book to read on flight simply because it’s so juicy you won’t be able to put it down.

Ok ok. Here it is: Down The Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison.

This was definitely more of a quick fun read and a deep inside look into the lives of the infamous Playboy bunnies. And damn is it GOOD.

Don’t worry the next book I’m reading is completely opposite from this book. Like you’d never guess. It’s fun to switch it up sometimes.

If you were a fan of Girls Next Door (which come on, a lot of us were) you would love this book! Heads up if you didn’t watch it though, the book is filled with references to the show.

You can expect a lot of dirty details from the former playmate: living with mean girls and sabotage, what actually happened behind the scenes of GND, an inside look into who Mr. Hugh Hefner really was/is, and life after the mansion.

If you were rooting for Holly on the show you will love her tell all book! (pics included!)

fullsizerender-6img_6517img_6519About to start my next book! One hint? It ends with “X”.

What are some of your favorite or current reads?! Turning into a book worm over here and love any and all recommendations!!

– Alyssa

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