May 3, 2016


Crazy, but as windy as this day was, you can’t tell.

Literally, my hair was blowing in my face and I thought I was going to have hair in my mouth in every photo.

Buuut thanks to Brad, at @wittkephoto on instagram, he managed to get the shot right in time!

One of the best parts about blogging is that you are offered a huge networking community. I have met so many inspiring bloggers who are now friends, and some good friends! And now, I’m starting to meet more photographers as I grow my blog.

Which gives Ry a mini break.

For this shoot, I decided to wear some cool colors and a very free feeling shirt. Currently, I am sooo into jeans that lay above the ankle.

You can fold your jeans up and try to create this look, but it’s just not the same. I love TopShop pants, they’re form fitting and light. These ones are the ‘Leigh’ mid rise skinny jeans.

My top is from Lush at Nordstrom and is superrr thin and long. Would go great with a pair of leggings and booties too, since it’s pretty lengthy.

My fringe statement necklace and silver beaded bracelet are from Nordstrom BP.

I am obsessed with my shoes. They have flat studs on the surface and are very sleek; kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson for some reason. They’re just totally rad and I love them.

There’s also a silver metal piece that wraps around the rim of the heel. Subtle details like this just make me happy.

TopShop makes these loafers, and I had seen them in the mall, but passed them up because I wasn’t sure if I absolutely needed them and…well, I went home and decided…I NEEDED them.

Don’t you love when that happens? It makes the purchase feel extra special when you know you made the right choice. I hate when I buy things and suddenly buyers remorse kicks in because I made an instant decision on a purchase I wasn’t feeling 100% on.

So now, if I really want something (that’s usually on the more expensive side), I get the details of the item and let a day or so pass then ask myself “Alyssa, will you be able to keep on living without those gorgeous shoes?!” If the answer is no, then I go pick ’em up! Easy.

If the product is scarce, I always say buy it. You never know if you’ll be able to get it anywhere else, and you will probably hate yourself for missing your chance.

Speaking of scarce…this loafer is seriously no where to be found! I’ve spent so much time looking on the Nordstrom, TopShop and other random sites for these guys and they are gone! Here is a similar pair, but I will definitely keep an extra eye out.

I like this look because it’s an easy outfit for the weekend, or a casual work look without the heavy jewelry.

– Alyssa

*Photos taken at Sutro Baths in San Francisco*


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