Cold-Pressed Juice Craze – Hop on The Bandwagon (srsly)

April 8, 2015
If you answer “yes” to the following questions, this post IS for you! Reasons to start juicing/drinking green juice!

Are you a college student with a crazy schedule that doesn’t allow you to devote time to manage your diet?

Are you just busy in general?

Are you confused as to what cold-pressed juice even is, and why LA peeps have such hype about it/devouring it on the daily (including me!)?

Are you too stuck on caffeine and unwilling to give pressed juice a try? (you can’t sit with us. LOL Joking..! Friends have told me after trying it, coffee was replaceable…yupp they said it).

Are you missing out on eating celery, kale, lettuce, green apples, cucumber and other vegetables and fruits everyday?


Ok. So I know some people may roll their eyes and say juice is filled with sugars, and it’s not THAT healthy. And they are RIGHT, certain types of juices and brands have sugar like soda! I’m talking about a very specific type of juice: Cold-Pressed Green Juice.

WTF is cold-pressed?

Well it’s all in the name. Basically you take your vegetables and fruits and compress them without using heat to extract the juice. Pasteurized juices use heat to keep a longer shelf life, canceling out the rich vitamins and energy like enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals that our bodies need (and love).

Why YOU should drink it too!
  • It’s healthy for you and boosts your immune system. If you’re lacking in some of the healthier green areas, a green juice is a great addition to your morning routine! (healthier than coffee and can have the same benefits…different type of “feeling reenergized”)
  • It’s easy and convenient (new post-workout shakes juice people!)
  • It tastes like heaven (what more can you ask for?!)
  • Now that you know the difference between pasteurized juice and green juice you can skip the OJ and choose the “better” option ;D
  • You can add vegtables/fruits to your diet you don’t typically eat
Things to remember:
  • Do not use your green juice as a supplement for a meal. I’ve never done a juice cleanse and honestly I’ve heard some pretty horrific stories, so I’ve decided stay away from them until I have more knowledge on how to correctly do it and reap all the benefits
  • Drink the juice the day you make it/buy it, or make sure you refrigerate it in an airtight jug, and drink it within 2-3 days! Fresh juice does NOT last like pasteurized juice does and you will also lose vitamins in the juice the longer you wait to drink it. (it won’t be hard to drink it all! lol)
  • They say to drink juice on an empty stomach, which doesn’t mean supplementing a meal (bullet 1), but drinking them in between classes, with a small snack on your work breaks, or after a workout.
  • Make sure you wash your vegetables very thoroughly and your juicer is clean after every use! Juicing can get sticky and once it dries, good luck scrubbing, save the time and effort and clean it out after the juice has been made!



If you ever find yourself strolling through San Diego, I HIGHLY suggest Pure Press in Hillcrest! You’ll literally miss it if you blink so keep an eye out for this adorable work of small space and delicious juices!

My current fav: “Great Greens” (Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Parsley, Cilantro, Ginger, Lemon)

Top image: “Cleanse” (Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Apple, Pineapple, Ginger, Lemon)


Enjoy your green juice and feeling great!

– Alyssa




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