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Coach’s Rebrand…What Do You Think?

November 2, 2016

This post is exciting for me because I really want to hear what you guys have to say.

We’re gonna talk Coach, the Coach that we obsessed over when we were 15, the Coach we loathed & Coach today.

Let’s take a stroll back to about 2008…Coach was thriving! I myself thought the brand was totally cool; I had the Coach shoes (you know the colorful ones & black ones with C’s everywhere), and those wristlets that every teenager had. The brand started getting somewhat affordable, so most people were able to buy Coach products.

Coach’s first mistake? Some may say so.

dcs_4250I mean we all love affordable pretty things, however “luxury” brands aren’t cheap…hence luxury. And that’s what Coach wants to be or at least be perceived as.

When something luxurious is easy to obtain, not everyone wants it anymore. Kinda like Michael Kors watches, which I still think are adorbs!

Sales plummeted and no one was seen carrying Coach for quite a while actually. I remember when I was in San Diego, I had just moved there and couldn’t find a wristlet my phone would fit into and ended up giving up and just taking my black Coach wristlet. I’ll never forget my friend making fun of me and saying “OMG WHY DO YOU HAVE THAT” She was giving me a hard time on purpose, but I was literally so embarrassed because I didn’t want to bring it in the first place; thats how bad Coach’s reputation had become. Negative brand value in full effect!

No one caught me caring that wristlet again! HA!

dcs_4219dcs_4335The brand was especially struggling to stay present when brands like Kate Spade and Michael Kors were the new IT affordable luxury brands.

Now fast forward to today, 2016.

Coach has made a remarkable comeback. They TOTALLY rebranded.

Coach’s bags seem to be at a bit of a higher price again, their promotional discounts don’t happen as often as they used to, they’ve hired top models and celebrities like Karlie Kloss and Chloe Grace Moretz, and lastly they’ve removed the Coach branding.

If you follow my instagram, you’ll be sure to see that I’m not a big bag person. Honestly, my favorite accessory are my pockets. LOL I stick my debit card and ID in one pocket and have my phone in hand. Maybe not the best idea, but I don’t like having to worry about lugging around a purse.

The one purse I do carry over and over is my crossover YSL bag because it’s all black and matches everything and it’s the perfect size for my phone (iPhone7) and cards & THAT’S IT.

BUUUT every once in a while I do like to carry a purse for essentials. It could be for my laptop, or lotion, carrying my makeup, if you’re a girl you know when you have a roomy purse rule #1 is to just fill it!

I especially love to carry bags around in winter for things like an umbrella and tissues.

dcs_4356dcs_4255SO, here’s the rundown of my new Coach (chalk colored) bag:

I’m very picky about my bags, they NEED to have compartments. I can’t just have a huge bag with no organization going on…ANXIETY. Things WILL get lost haha

This Rogue bag has just that, 3 main sections with the middle section having a zipper on one side and clasp pocket on the other.

It’s also a v cute statement bag without saying too much. They added just the right amount of color by adding dark purple handles with red lining.

Oh and it gets better, I loveee versatile bags with multiple straps. This bag can be used as a hand bag or thrown over the shoulder. Obsessed.

I think Coach was smart to take the big step of honing in on who their audience is and rebrand it all to give us an amazing new collection of beautiful bags.

I say check em out, they’re wildly different in a good way. Let me know what you think!

They also have different colors, see some of my favorites here, here , and here.

Reminiscing about my Coach shoes days. GAWD.


– Alyssa


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