Bringing It Back: CHOKERS

May 5, 2016

Chokers are so in right now and I’m loving the trend.

I totally remember rocking those plastic black or rainbow chokers from the $.50 machines as a kid. My allowance went to a greaaat investment, obviously. It was either the chokers or those weird fairy gothic stickers. Come to think of it I don’t think I ever actually used those stickers, I think I just collected them. HAHA

Anyways, I’m really loving this choker deal because it’s an old trend with a modern twist.

You see thick gold metal chokers that make you think luxury, high end, or futuristic. Then you have the dainty wrap around chokers with a tight string around the neck while the longer pieces lay beautifully down the chest with a low cut shirt, like this one.

Lucky for me, my mom saved some of her jewelry and I can’t remember if she gave me the chokers I have now…or if I took them. Either way, thanks mom for the vintage chokers. I’m obsessed.

I’ve listed 15 chokers with different personalities that will hopefully fit your style preference. I kind of want them all, but if I had to choose, the Vanessa Mooney – Gold Diamond Wrap Around Choker is my ultimate fave.

90’s kid fo lyfe.

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