May 1, 2016



It’s a perfect Sunday to start off a productive month ahead. As nice as it is, Ry and I are working inside from Black Point Cafe in Ghirardelli Square. It used to be our favorite cafe to work from, but everyone is having problems connecting to their wifi. (Heads up if you plan to work here and hello hotspot!)

This blog post is pretty much the exact opposite of my previous post, Street In Spring.

That’s just how my style is now, edgy one day, girly the next. I’ve always been into nude or dark clothing and nothing in between, but when I moved to San Diego, things changed. You have 3 staple pieces in that city: a bikini, a crop top, and a good pair of ripped cheeky shorts.

I remember moving to SD and thinking I would never be able to adapt to the oh so laid back style San Diegans have, and look at me now decked out in Brandy, with a California cap.

Sooo SoCal of me.


I’m wearing Brandy Melville head to…shorts.

I don’t think Brandy’s makes shoes or else I would probably have them.

My shoes are from Steve Madden. I had been looking for a cute small heeled sandal that I could wear with shorts, jeans, or even a dress. I really like the material of the shoe and the buckle around the ankle adds a sense of girlyness. (They also come in black!)

I had no idea what Brandy’s even was when I moved to SD till my friend Lauren made fun of me for not knowing about this amazing place. After I checked it out, I didn’t blame her for being so shocked.

And I’m definitely bringing it to NorCal with me this summer!

It’s such an affordable place, think F21 prices.

The whole store and it’s pieces have the same aesthetic. That’s probably what I love most about Brandy.

If you buy a few things and go back the next week to pick up a cute top, chances are they WILL match what you already have in your closet.

I should mention everything is one sized. I didn’t really know what that meant for me when shopping for shorts or something that needs to be particularly fit to my body.

And well, it really doesn’t make a difference, everything is extremely comfy and the fabrics are really loose and stretchy. Dresses are usually the flowy type that are a good fit for anyone and my shorts pictured in this post are actually too big…but oddly do not fall (at all!) since they rest just above my hips.

PRO TIP: if you buy shorts (high wasted jean shorts in particular) that are just a bit bigger it gives the illusion of a skinnier waist. 

Also, most crop tops do stretch, but for $12-20 bucks…you can’t beat it!

Brandy Melville is widely known down south, however they do have some locations up north aside from shopping online. If you’re in the Bay Area, the closest locations are in SF in the Marina, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto, and in San Jose in Valley Fair.

I’m looking forward to adding more Brandy pieces to my summer wardrobe!

Time for an ice cream cone from Ghirardelli!

– Alyssa


Top: Saleh Halter

Shorts: High-rise denim shorts (similar)

Cap: Katherine Cap (similar)

I bought my Brandy pieces in the pop up shop in Nordstrom, this may be the reason they don’t have the exact items on the Brandy site (hence why I linked similar pieces). If I do find the exact pieces I will link them!

*photos taken in North Beach, San Francisco*


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