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January 30, 2016

IMG_2322IMG_2327What a week! First the flu then sippin’ champagne with some of SF’s chicest ladies!

Soo happy that I was invited and actually able to attend the Rebecca Minkoff x SchmattaStyle x SFPartyNails event Tuesday night. I love these types of things!

You get to meet so many people who have the same line of passion as you.

You know, everyone has the mentality along: Look good, feel good, let’s be friends, let’s shop, nice compliments, and OMG we gotta hang out again.

I actually became instant friends with another blogger in an Uber Pool and it was great.IMG_2331IMG_2338Pictured above was the fabulous lady of the night and host Gracie, aka @schmattastyle_sf on insta! I’ve followed her on IG for quite some time and adored her humor and fashion sense, it was time we finally met!

PS. Aren’t her Rebecca Minkoff white booties just the greatest?! I mean who can really pull off white booties! I bought them in black ;) IMG_2385IMG_2388Alright, so about this outfit:

It took me forever to rummage through my closet yelling “I have nothing to wear!” (as always) as I was trying to find an outfit for the event.

I suddenly remembered the cute tops I bought from Ambiance (the chicest boutique in SF)!

I’m seriously so obsessed with my black, sheer halter top. It’s so light which makes it insanely comfortable, and fits me to the T! And the best part? The strap around your neck is adjustable! I know, how convenient right?!

If you live or are traveling to San Francisco, I highly recommend this boutique! They have a wide range of different style clothing, shoes, and accessories!IMG_2390IMG_2392I also want to rave about these pants. One word…Paige. Paige Denim baby.

Don’t get me wrong I love my black jeans from Topshop but after a few (ok quite a few lol) wears the bottom of the jean started twisting and it was soo annoying.

These pants are so comfortable I want to sleep in them. They are a bit longer than my liking but that’s an easy fix my alterations guy can handle! IMG_2393IMG_2394IMG_2397Next are some of my most prized possessions.

Investment pieces.

My white rockstud ballerina Valentinos that I’m completely obsessed with and my YSL bag that is just my favorite. IMG_2398IMG_2399

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! I’m actually really excited for Monday as I have a Bollywood dance class to attend after work! HAHA Look for an update with a blog or IG post! @mondaysandmimosas



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