Black Leather

August 24, 2015


Current obsession…pointed loafers.

& I have every right to be; what’s not to love?!

While on my way home I passed the Steve Madden in Union Square, did a double take, and decided to check out the collection. With no intentions on buying anything (supposedly), I spotted some gorgeous nude flats (they unfortunately didn’t have them in my size) and also the black all leather loafers pictured above.

You guys are going to to think I’m lying…I’ll tell you now, I’m not. I bought these babes for 20 DOLLARS.

Seriously cannot believe. I scored. Big time. currently doesn’t have the same ones I purchased, but check out these similar loafs in a shiny finish for $19.99! Or if you prefer the matte look (even more similar to mine) Steve also has these bad boys —> see here.

DCS_2125 DCS_2130DCS_2183 DCS_2141

The best thing about these loafs is that they are leather…meaning you can wear them anywhere.

They work for casual wear, going out to eat, for drinks, or even dressing up.

If you’re currently job hunting I think these are the best job interview shoes ever! You don’t want to show up in some stiletto Loubs that yell I’m trying too hard (unless you’re Rachel from Suits and work for a law firm) or flats that scream I just put this outfit together. They’re chic and simple at the same time, and I guarantee you’ll have interviewers staring at your shoes, switching the convo from your recent job history to YOU’RE HIRED, LET’S GO SHOPPING.

My outfit seems like an interview outfit, and it could be, but this was just my sundayfunday outfit. My Sunday consisted of walking around Potrero Hill, eating breakfast at a lovely cafe, going to an Etsy pop-up festival (bought SF hand towels for the kitchen), and ended my day at the hardware store buying paint for my bathroom (OMG a big post coming on the renovation of our house, but in small pieces!).

Shop the look:

DCS_2145DCS_2211Give your outfit a little edge and tuck the front of your shirt in your pants for a clean, put together look! 

DCS_2157 DCS_2161 DCS_2175 DCS_2177 DCS_2187 DCS_2202 DCS_2223

These shoes make you feel (and look) like a boss.

Thank me after you get hired.


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