Best (and Worst) Dressed at The Oscars 2016

March 1, 2016

^^that selfie by Ellen, total oldie but goodie, am I right or am I right!

Wow…just wow. The Oscars.

I didn’t catch the full thing, but I did spot my favorites on the red carpet, including: Rooney Mara, Priyanka Chopra, and J Law.

But my most…MOST favorite goes to Rachel McAdams.

Check out my top picks for best & worst dressed at The Oscars!

– Favorites –



What I love:

Well, everything. What’s not to love?!

I just gushed in my last post about how much I love a high neck, sooo truth be told I can be a little biased. BUT Rachel did a great job rocking this amazing gown by August Getty Atelier and pairing it with silver Stuart Weitzman heels. Also the color and the train, isn’t it just perfect?! (She had just the right amount of side boob too. Admit it.)

I read some articles about her that were just horrible, stating that her dress was wrinkled and that was a major NO.

WE ARE HUMAN PEOPLE. CLOTHES GET WRINKLY WHEN WE SIT. So be nice and admire her beauty! By far my favorite dressed during the Oscars this year!



A jumpsuit on the carpet, YES, especially in white.

I would never be able to pull something so intrinsic off, let alone with all that white (HELLO TIDE PEN).

Gaga’s timeless hair just adds to her beauty. She made the right decision about ditching the jewelry besides her earrings, and having the focus be on her outfit.

She wore a “Brandon Maxwell ensemble and $8 million worth of Lorraine Schwartz diamonds”

Side note: she did an amazing job performing her song Till it happens to you



I’m a fan of very simple dresses, and Olivia did a great job at pulling off such a “light” dress by Stella McCartney, and making it look HAUTE! The color makes it pop and she makes orange the new black! ;)



Brie Larson was actually my second favorite (I think, it’s so hard to choose).

To me this dress by Gucci looks a little “prom-y”, but I DIE for the color deep blue. I really think it looks good on anyone. Really.

The top straps, crystal and pearl waist, and bottom of the dress are all so different and adds dimension. Like you can’t focus on one part because it’s all so beautiful!

Love the red lip color too!




I think Charlize is one of the prettiest/hottest women on the planet and typically anything she wears looks good.

But I was really iffy about this one. I get it she wore the hot color red, typically worn by people like Scarlett Johansen who look stunning in it every time.


This gown, by Christian Dior, just gave me that vibe of OMG the dress online is amazing and you get it in the mail and it’s all…cotton-y? I’m SURE this dress was far from anything like that and felt amazing and probably looked 100x’s better in person. But the straps just say Forever21 to me.

It’s a pretty dress, but not the best.


Writing about the “not so best” dressed is really humorous to me. I mean what do these celebs care, right?! They have millions of dollars and can just laugh at the fact that they are on the worst list.

So here we go:



NOO, the print + the style is way too bridal!

How did her stylist not catch this?!

Ugh, fine I’ll take the job.



To me this dress? gown? is only going to attract Batman.

In all seriousness, I think everyone looked absolutely stunning, there were some outfits I wouldn’t personally wear (even if I could), but even the “worst” weren’t THAT bad.

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