December 4, 2015

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About this jacket.

I instantly fell in love when I walked into All Saints and saw this baby. Excuuuuse the wrinkles; I obviously didn’t wait to wear it, it was sitting in it’s All Saints bag and I grabbed it before I left for work (and obvs this shoot) the next morning.

The cool thing about fall and winter is that you can instantly feel dressed up with the right coat or jacket. Pair it with your favorite jeans and some booties…and you’re good to go! My outfit is surely simple yet it stands out, mainly because of the design of the jacket. The zipper doesn’t zip up vertically and because of that it’s unique. The material is also something I admire, it feels soo light yet I am perfectly (I wouldn’t say warm) but content, definitely. I’m always freezing in this city!

This All Saints jacket comes in an ink color (the one I’m wearing in the pictures above) and khaki. It was a tough decision but I think ink can potentially go with more of the things I own in my closet.

One last thing I also love about this jacket is what it looks like when it’s unzipped. Very chic. I’m a big fan of clothes that “drape” or hang loose (think big winter sweaters, ponchos, and jackets that unzip and look “flowy”).

Below you can check out some of my favorite jackets that are must haves this fall! All ranging from affordable to higher pricing.



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