5 Things To Do In MIAMI (South Beach)

January 9, 2016

First off, happy New Year everyone! My time ringing in the new year Miami style with my beach babe bf was way more than fun!

side note: Miami peeps know how to party. I’ll get into this later.

Also, I’m switching it up and not putting all of my Miami content in one post so it’s not super long and you can read whatcha want to read (whether it be what to do, what to wear, shop my bikinis, etc).


Some fun things to do in South Beach, Miami ( or at least really close!)

• So duh, Miami is a great place for partying and the beach…that’s a given. •

The beaches are some of the nicest I have been to. I’m talking clear water, WARM water, and like zero waves? Seriously it was like I was in a huge pool.

Can you believe it was 83 degrees when we got there? Middle of winter?? Just crazy, I loved it.

Humidity however…not so much. When we landed in Ft. Lauderdale I felt sticky and just wanted to shower. Very weird feeling; but on the bright side I got used to it after like the second day.

OHH AND FUNNY STORY. I forgot my straightener and I was so pissed because I was like it’s the most important thing I need! So I went to CVS and bought a new cheap one, THEN I did my hair once on new years eve for my birthday and my hair didn’t even last 2 hours with that humidity! So then I didn’t even use it lol.

Moral of the story if you forget your straighter or curling iron…nbd.

The clubs in Miami are really nice and everyone dresses really well! We went to LIV Miami for new years and it was a grand party! Deff give it a try if you’re ever visiting Miami!

PS. very important – last call is not at 1:30am like in San Francisco. We were like where is everyone? We thought LIV was possibly not the best club out there? No…it is. People just party until 5am :) Don’t go out super early, the party never ends in Miami!


• Jungle Island…wait what? •

It’s not exactly the thing everyone does when they visit South Beach…but I’m a HUGE animal lover and had to visit this place!

Let me tell you, it’s waaay better than a zoo. I mean animals in cages make me cringe wherever they are but this place wasn’t nearly the same.

There aren’t that many animals, but what I loved was that it’s all very interactive! I held a baby alligator, a snake, fed parrots and flamingos, AND PLAYED WITH LEMURS. Ry saw that you can sign up to have some 1-on-1 time with them and knew I would flip!

These creatures are the cutest, most gentle (very smelly) things, and I was so close to slipping one into my purse to take back to SF with me.

I was pretty much in heaven the entire time.

Check out the photos below:


• DIRT •

Healthy new spots make me happy! Ugh, especially when the designers are so spot on with branding. (like where can I apply for the marketing team?! Sign me up!)


They literally have all things healthy like organic, vegan, vegetarian, grass-fed, gluten-free and paleo foods. Kind of overwhelming, but not that hard to choose when everything on the menu sounds delicious!



And a fun tip: since people party so late, guess what? They wake up late too. And on weekends all the streets are blocked so that means, biking freely with hardly anyone around! Sooo nice!

Cruisin the streets of South Beach  (biking with Jeffreys is easier than you think ) • Adore the Faux Suede Skort too? Shop it now! #SHOPSTYLEitj

• Boating and Jet Skiing •

Damn this was so fun and a great way to spend our last full day in Miami. Basically we went on a jet ski tour to Shakira’s house and tanned for a bit.

Need I say more?

Had the best time in Miami celebrating our birthdays and New Years w my main B  Going from 80° weather ➡️ rain, work, & finishing up the last 3 episodes of #MakingAMurder jet

Bring a ton of sunscreen, eat healthy, party hard, do fun stuff and CHECK OUT THE LEMURS.



PS. Remember to stay tuned for additional Miami posts, I’m just separating them into different categories :)

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